GTA V: 8 Best Selfies We’ve Seen So Far

EasyGuidez: Here we come with Top 8 Selfies from game GTA v, one of my top choices increments to what may be the best portion in the GTA establishment is the capacity to take selfies. This has opened up and universe of amusing photos at the tip of the gamer's fingers.

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thorstein1265d ago

None of these beat mine.

whybag1265d ago

Most of those beat yours.

stavrami-mk21265d ago

Sorry no, all of these beat his

1265d ago
komp1265d ago

Im not sure the OP has looked too deep into these as I recall seeing a lot of great ones just around release time...

Here is one of mine.

This is one of my favorites from my album, 1 of the links should work....


Funkydesert1265d ago

OMG What is Dogs Doing Behind Man in second Image
Its so funny

waltyftm1265d ago

I chuckled at the 3 naked dudes, but the rest were a bit boring imo.

Clown_Syndr0me1265d ago

GTA V was great but there wasn't enough funny stuff going on in the streets. Most of the selfies on Rockstar Social Club are the same thing over and over...naked men and the zombie.

thorstein1264d ago

Yes. I wonder why I got disagrees for having the submarine in the middle of downtown.

I just didn't go with all the "bunch of dead people" selfies.

elhebbo161265d ago

who promotes this crap.

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