What’s Good About The Xbox One?

IM PLAYIN has the first of its two part article series focusing on the good and the bad of the Xbox One.

"I own an Xbox One, and I love the console, but the thing about love is that it isn’t always perfect. Everything and everyone has flaws, it’s what makes life so interesting. So, to answer the critics that accuse us Xbox One owners of blindly backing the console, I’ve decided to write two articles. One (this one) will talk about the bits of the console that I like, the other article will focus on the negative aspects of the machine. I want to give an honest, balanced look at the console because, at the end of the day, the Xbox One isn’t perfect and it’s OK to accept that. So here’s what I like about the Xbox One."

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F4sterTh4nFTL1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Other than Forza Motorsport series and a handful of decent exclusives, not much else.

gamer11381600d ago

Comes off as a bit of a puff piece. But I can't disagree with many of his points. I think both machines are still waiting for that killer exclusive that showcases the system.

Gozer1600d ago

IF you havent played Ryse yet you need to. Ryse is certainly "next-gen" graphically. I have been in awe since I bought it 2 days ago. The forest level, wow. Ive been gaming 34 years, and Ryse is the best looking game I have ever played. Don't believe the bad reviews either. Ryse is at least an 8 imo. If Ryse is anything to go by, we are going to see some beautiful games this gen. Its hard to believe its a launch game.

ghostface91600d ago

so true its a really good game it can get repetitive but so do all sword slashing game

Godmars2901600d ago

Unless the answer is "games" you're wrong. And a fanboy.

The PS2 had games and video playback, the latter to the point it made DVDs a legitimate media, but that is the one instance where a game system could claim something other than game as an equal, hassle free feature.

candy_mafia1600d ago

It would be easier for me to list 'What's Bad about Xbox One'.

For me, it's just one thing, it's 'Form Factor' is butt ugly!!

I look forward to the day when the inevitable X1 mark 2 is released somewhere down the line.

TheFallenAngel1600d ago

They fanboys claim the games but none of their games are worth it either.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1600d ago

Exactly I was supposed to buy a barely used XB1 from my friend for 350, but even at that good of a price I can't justify the purchase. After Ryse there is nothing interesting on that console. I have my PS4 which has superior multiplats and will continue to have superior multiplats. So I can't see the reason to buy it. I'd rather use the money on a 64gb memory card for my PS Vita Slim and games.

Brim1600d ago

^Ha ... such stupidity ... and why would someone sell you something for cheaper then what they would get from gamestop?.. stop making up stories you're not fooling anyone bro...

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saint_seya1600d ago

You know what real life friends mean?
And how that works?
Hint: are not the ones that log in your x-box live and play games with you but you never saw in person #or the ones you talk in forums either

Brim1600d ago

So real friends are ones that buy a barely used console for $500 and sell it for $350 to a "Friend" ... thats not a friend thats call a story ... I'm sorry bro it's hard to believe i own both consoles i do not play the ps4 but you think i would see it to a "friend" for $250?? think about how that sounds real quick and you'll see why its unbelievable ..

saint_seya1600d ago

Well ofc thats you.. good thing im not like you, and my friends either, guess you put money before anything else.. well im not like that..

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