Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - $230 R9 280 3GB, $230 480GB SSD, More

GamersNexus: "The weekend sales round-up is here. It features a 24” monitor for $270, a $130 high-end PSU, an R9 280 3GB card for $230, and a 480GB SSD for $230. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts will keep you up to date on other specials as they occur throughout the week, so keep your eyes open; we generally make it a rule to only share sales that our own staff find interest in."

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LAWSON721450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I remember when the HD 7950 was only $200-230, and now its is $280. This is a nice price compared to the MSRP. I guess it is nice AMD cards are competitively priced again though. I would ditch my GTX 760 for a R9 290 but sadly I am saving my money for something else and besides my GTX 760 handles everything really well at 1080p. This R9 280 is a great deal if you plan to crossfire at 1440p, but other than that I would recommend the GTX 760 over it.