You Won’t be Able to Marry in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Executive Producer Mark Darrah has revealed that marriage won't be an option in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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GusBricker1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

That's ok, I'll be married to killing dragons and other shit.

Becuzisaid1604d ago

That's it. Preorder cancelled. /s

Porcelain_Chicken1604d ago

So what you're saying is it'll be fun, easy, and not stressful? Haha SOLD!

MeteorPanda1604d ago

good! none of that romance shit effects gameplay in the slightest in the end of the day.

Zenith4k1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

how are people disagreeing with you, virgin numties with no hope, well hopefully virtual reality will make them look cool. idiots ahhhhhhhhhh that's rightly annoyed me. Game play romances!!! i hope their parents walk in on them half way through a wank.

MeteorPanda1604d ago

because people like to roleplay, l understand that..however dragon age romance sucks, you do quests, give them a item and suddenly you're both in love...the lover dies in combat and your character doesn't react in the slightest, give them buffs or some sort, incorporate it! fire emblem did this right.

pretty sad people are defending Dragon age romance.

Allsystemgamer1604d ago


Lol most girls you "go on a quest" with and "buy them an item" lol

MeteorPanda1604d ago

@Allsytemgamer I'm a girl so :/ However your statement is kinda skewed, these fetch quests you do with a potential partner are done together, the experience together is what matters. If all a guy does to impress a girl is buy her shit and she says she now loves know she's a gold digger right?

But my point is that it doesn't just end there, like this game does so badly.

kevinsheeks1604d ago

Right the romance sucks balls lol They don't flesh it out it should be more then buying gifts and vague conversations at the campfire

But I'm getting ahead of myself seeing as we've played as a new protagonist each game does it really matter who we like at all

s45gr321604d ago

While I agree with you but it kills complexity and depth to the game

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The story is too old to be commented.