Resident Evil 7: Has Capcom Begun Voice Actor Recording?

Capcom could be have already begun the process of recording voice actor lines for Resident Evil 7. This follows rumours that the Japanese publisher will showcase the game at E3 2014.

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-Foxtrot1564d ago

I really hope this isn't true, it means they are actually going to continue with the story....or whatever story they have left.

They must realise not many people finished or even played the 6th game so it's pointless continuing from such a bad, messed up story now.

Plus Matthew Mercer is returning....what was wrong with Paul Mercier, he was fantastic as Leon in RE4.

cfc781564d ago

I think fans plea's fall on deaf ears as far a resident evil goes Capcom does what they want how they want no matter how many fans say it isn't what they want.

-Foxtrot1564d ago

A new gen would of given them a fresh new start if they did it right.

Why is it they can never listen to us, the game got mostly bad reviews, most fans hated it and it didn't meet sales expectations.

I don't understand why they haven't thought

"Gee....maybe we should stop being arrogant arseholes and actually give fans what they want"

You know what will happen in RE7, they'll make it LOOK like it's went back to horror, like they did with RE6 (Leon's sections) and in the end it won't be horror themed at all, it's just to lure his back in.

cfc781564d ago

@ Foxtrot

Its beyond me why they keep doing it only way to change things is to boycott the franchise altogether which will never happen,7 sounds like the final nail in the Resident Evil coffin for me i don't hold much hope of a survival horror game its going to be more resi 6 style game play with unlimited ammo and none scary monsters packing tenticles/m16's,maybe 1 day we'll get what we want but i don't expect it any time soon.

gantarat1563d ago


RE 6 sold 5.6 Millions (3rd best selling game in capcom history)

tigertron1564d ago

I have a bad feeling about this...

SuperYakuzaFan1564d ago

Resident Evil 7 will be a Playstation 4 Exclusive

cfc781564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I think it's a multi-plat who would throw money at Resident Evil 7 lol besides Stevie Wonder.

SuperYakuzaFan1564d ago

Let's wait and see at E3 2014.Most Japanese games are going Exclusive to Playstation.

Ultimax1564d ago

If its turn out to be "Xbax" exclusive i swear ...
Capcom i warn you for the sake of your core fans

cfc781564d ago

You'll probably find Resident Evils core fans are spread over more than just playstation these days iv'e played it on ps/xb/gc/pc it hasn't been just for ps for a long time.

BABY-JEDI1564d ago

Would you want Sony to waste money on this sh*te? Really. Would rather they spend their/our money more wisely.

SuperYakuzaFan1563d ago

This is not Shit and why would Sony spend money when Capcom wants to do it.

Plagasx1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

As a hardcore RE fan it truly saddens me what Capcom continues to do to RE..

Please get it right this time Capcom. I beg of you.

BABY-JEDI1564d ago

Please listen to this guy Capcom. Your breaking this guys heart with your deaf ears antics. What? You can't hear me?
Well at least I tried

VTKC1564d ago

I am quite the fan of Resident Evil but I think they will never get it right. The original guy behind Resident Evil left long ago. That's why Resident Evil started changing over each new game.

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The story is too old to be commented.