ShopTo Gaming Podcast - Episode 22


The ShopTo Gaming podcast is back with episode 22. Unfortunately we've been finding it hard to get the gaming crew together recently due to it just being so busy, however we are hoping to stay weekly from now on.

This week we look forward to E3, talk about all the latest gaming news and discuss where next for Nintendo.

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devwan1449d ago

Not sure I've ever learned anything new on a shopto podcast, there's also a lot of cookie-cutter commentary, very rarely anything insightful in the discussion.

Don't waste time and money making podcasts, shopto, just go back to offering great value games like you used to do so well.

Even being a Gold Member right now, I can get pretty much every new game cheaper between just regular old Amazon, Zavvi and Game. Every time.

sam_p_791449d ago

I used to use ShopTo all the time. In the last 6 months, I have bought only a couple of things from them.