Ann Maguire Murder: Are Video Games Linked to Killings?

Do video games cause violence? The appalling murder of Ann Maguire has revived the old claims of a link; we report that the 15-year-old alleged killer played Dark Souls, "a violent video game marketed with the slogan 'prepare to die'"; the Mail reports the same. Ever since the Columbine killers were found to be fans of Doom, and in fact for years before that, people have been keen to link violent video games to real-life violence.

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GreenRanger1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

"Ever since the Columbine killers were found to be fans of Doom"

I'm a huge fan of Doom but I haven't killed anyone.

The difference between me and the Columbine killers is that they were insane. Games may trigger something in an insane mind, but the person wouldn't harm anyone if they weren't crazy to begin with.

If something like game violence can turn a "normal" person into a crazy killer, then why hasn't movies or TV shows (which in a lot of cases have ridiculous violent scenes) done it? And why aren't all gamers murderers?

If games are a factor to a killer's behaviour, then they're just one of many equally responsible factors. The blame can never be put solely on games, especially if the killer or killers have obvious mental issues like the Columbine killers and Adam Lanza.

hazelamy1600d ago

no, no they don't, not in well adjusted sane people.
they may trigger something in people that already have a problem, but then maybe the trigger was something else.
nobody knows what sets these people off.

if the games themselves could trigger a person to act out murderous impulses then these kind of things would be happening all the time, millions of people play these games, but one or two out of those millions do something like this, but still, blame videogames.

funny how when religious types do something like this, nobody ever blames religion.

always ignoring the fact religion has directly lead to more deaths then videogames ever have no matter indirectly you link them.

even now, daily acts of violence are committed in the name of whatever god their religion believes in by people round the world.

the thing is, we know gaming is a form of entertainment, a hobby, for some an occuapation.
but with religion, people think that is the most important thing in the world, that it overrides all other concerns.
and that it also overrules other people's right, whether they believe in the same god, or none at all.

that's way, way more dangerous.