Top 5 Star Wars Games

Continue Play's Oli Zimmerman celebrates Star Wars Day by looking back and selecting his top 5 Star Wars games

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DemonChicken1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Strategy wise Star Wars: Empire at War was very good. Thinking this should have deserved a mention.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter was pretty awesome at its' time too.

Lego Star Wars was also .... fun.

thorstein1265d ago

Or at least the sit down arcade game with speakers behind you. That game was fun.

combolock1265d ago

Outcast was pretty good.

aliengmr1265d ago

While I agree Republic Commando was a good game, it was a game with a lot potential that was never fully realized. It was a good start, it was just never finished.

An unspecified "top x Star Wars games" can't not include the X-wing/TIE fighter series. They may be old but their contribution to the franchise is undeniable. And unlike Republic Commando, that series didn't come with a generous side of disappointment.

lfc_4eva1265d ago

This has to be an article from someone around 20 years old or so.

Clearly they don't know of Tie-Fighter. The best Star Wars game bar none.

ContinuePlay1265d ago

If you're an X-Wing fan, keep an eye out...

elhebbo161265d ago

I just got KOTOR for 3 bucks on steam, enjoying it so far.

Scrivlar1265d ago

I'm jealous of you man, I hope you have a great time playing that beautiful game for the first time.

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