The Witcher 3 preview: how to build an RPG with 36 endings

PC Gamer Writes: Four quest designers worked on the original Witcher. Its more refined sequel had six. The conclusion to the trilogy, which promises 100 hours of content and a 50-hour story, has more than doubled that. “We have about 14, I think,” says lead quest designer Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz.

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TheUberAsian1449d ago

36 ENDINGS!!! How do you possibly get to see all of those?

xtremexx1449d ago

saves before important parts.

Roccetarius1449d ago

Considering minor and more important quests both affect the ending, that's going to be tough to do.

The devs of Witcher 3 have been pretty open about that, and you won't see the consequences before later.

DemonChicken1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

i'm speculating they it may include some bad endings

something like bad end, normal end, true ending =p

If not and just normal endings depending on choice, i.e. who you side, which girl you choose, etc. Then alot of work has been put in (not like it isn't huge and ambitious as it is) xD

--Onilink--1449d ago

if Witcher 2 is anything to go by, those wont be the type of endings at all. There are no "good" or "bad endings in that game. It simply depends on the allegiances you chose, maybe you save one person instead of another, etc.

I expect the same type of endings for this game, never expect an ending where everything works out for everyone and no one dies (i.e Mass Effect, though i dont have a problem with these type of ending either), its just not Witcher´s style

elhebbo161449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I'm guessing it will be 3 major differences with 16 minor ones (example of minor: deciding to kill a certain beast for a town or not, if yes hes dead if no he either helps an environment or causes chaos, etc) Witcher 2 was said two have 16 different endings but in reality its divided by a 2-3 major differences like choosing an allegiance to a certain faction than the other.

I could be wrong, maybe CDPR went the other mile and make every ending very different and distinct than the next.

badz1491449d ago

"How to make a RPG with 36 endings"

Just don't ask Bioware.

CJDUNCAN1449d ago

I don't buy the 36 endings. It was suppose to have about the same in Witcher 2, but it didn't. The story shifted according to each choice you made but the ending was always the same.

gameDevWannaBe1449d ago

I hope they win rpg of the year.

I wanna see cdpr get the recognition they deserve.

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OpieWinston1449d ago

It'll be REALLY hard to master this game. I don't know how I'm going to get all the achievements. Was a long venture on Witcher 2.

Roccetarius1449d ago

I didn't think the Witcher 2 achievements were so bad, since you just needed 2 playthroughs for it. Now that Witcher 3 is much more open, it could be problematic with a variety of world states.

OpieWinston1449d ago

It was a long venture for one playthrough of Witcher 2. And I adored it so much I couldn't rush through it on my second playthrough.

Just can't wait to start the adventure.

DarkLord10031449d ago

36 endings.. That doesn't even make sense imo.

joab7771449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I love mmo's b/c they lengthen the rpg trope. They allow u to feel the weight of your dedication instead of seeing credits role after 100 hrs. (I know the witcher isnt one lol)

Anyway, the Witcher has always been pushing the envelope and now they have the tech to see their vision come to light. I simply cant wait. What I really want though, is end game content similar to an mmo, maybe in the vein of dragons dogma. Interesting multiplayer aspects could be implemented. Not an mmo of sorts, but maybe the hunting rare creatures, inviting up to 3 ppl to fight them.

I just dont want tgis game to end once it starts.

porkChop1449d ago

36 endings is great, but only if there is meaningful difference between all those endings. Regardless, the game looks great.

TheTowelBoy1449d ago

Yeah he said in the article that they had to put a lot of work into the endings so I'm sure they'll be good. Though just with any game these days I'm tempering my hype levels.

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