“The Union” (Destiny) | Soundtrack Spotlight

OnlySP: Good combat music helps make for a good game, right? If that’s true, then “The Union” is set to help make Bungie’s upcoming first-person action game, Destiny, a best-seller. “The Union” is fast-paced and exciting from the start, with a fast tempo that relaxes and slows down for short periods in the track, then returns to similar-sounding fast tempo sequences.

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ThatKanadianKid1537d ago

Marty O'Donnel can literally sell games with his music. I can't wait to see where he shows up next, because whatever he works on, I WILL FREAKING BUY. I don't normally buy music soundtracks, but I've bought every Halo soundtrack and will certainly pick up Destiny's.

GarrusVakarian1537d ago

Agreed so much, his music is just fantastic.

Did anyone get a Halo Reach vibe from around 00:15 to 00:21? I did.

PockyKing1537d ago

The music all just has a general Halo vibe to it in general, but yea, I heard some Halo 2 in there as well as Reach. God I love his music. I hope 343 signs him on, they'd be silly not to.

spicelicka1537d ago

Marty literally was bungie's soul. I just can't imagine what they'll do for the next Destiny game.