Star Wars 1313 Concept Art

Some new concept art of the cancelled star wars game , Star Wars 1313 has been revealed.

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Mr_cheese1566d ago

It is such a tease when you see what you could have played :(

xtremexx1566d ago

its always the good ones that dont survive :(

hellzsupernova1565d ago

so many star wars games too :(
this and battlefront 3 :(

nicksetzer11566d ago

Hmm, these screens don't seem reminiscent of the SW series, maybe it's just me though. Looks more like the generic "future" type of setting.

Wenis1565d ago

That was the feeling I got from them as well.

cfc781566d ago

I shed a tear for this game could of been truly amazing.(anyone got a tissue? lol)

markyboy21811565d ago

hopefully someone brought the rights to it;)

jagstar441565d ago

why cancel something that looked so amazing, do they not like money?

aliengmr1565d ago

It really wasn't an actual "game". They were still, largely in pre-production. The E3 demo was made just for E3 and not in any way representative of the final product.

LucasArts was showing an idea but it wasn't much more than that. They showed it way earlier than most games. The story was still pretty rough and the main characters hadn't been done yet, it was just a pieced together demo.

IMO it had something to do with the sale to Disney, which happened right at the same time.

Now, a game in the same "spirit" of 1313 is being made. The difference being that Disney wants to tie it to the movies. So there's hope I guess.

But to actually answer your question, no, LucasArts does not like money or they would have made the games fans actually wanted. They would have milked the Battlefront series instead of trying to turn The Force Unleashed into a "series" when it clearly was only supposed to be the one game. Amazing bit of decision making that one.

Magnes1565d ago

IMO this game was axed because Disney/Lucas Films/Lucas Arts are moving toward post clone wars games and movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.