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Leaked PlayStation Now Beta Video Shows UI, Games, Loading, Connection Test and More

If you’re not in the PlayStation Now beta (or if you’re not American like me) but want to see what the service looks like, a real treat leaked in the form of a full fledged video walkthrough of the current beta.

The video starts from the launch of the service and basically goes through everything there’s to see, doing a connection test, browsing the games catalog and even loading and playing a couple games (Puppeteer and Saints Row: The Third). (PlayStation Now, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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Mikey32230  +   365d ago
I love the potential, it works fantastic for me, the only problem is i dont ever really touch my PS3 anymore.

After getting my PS4, my PS3 just feels to slow. I cant wait until this comes to the PS4 and vita.

1)They just need to keep working on those loading times.

2)Some good pricing

XiNarutoUzumaki  +   365d ago
I think it will have shorter loading times on PS4 than PS3.

This service looks promising. I hope all devs support Sony on this. So there you have it folks, the backwards Compatibility thing you've been bitching about for so long. I cannot wait for them to shup up already lol
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Sethry101  +   365d ago
Considering its streaming the load times will depend on your internet connection not the hardware.
pedrof93  +   365d ago
I wonder when this game will be available in Ps4, if games with better graphics than Ps4 can handle will be streamed !
DarXyde  +   365d ago
Hardly backwards compatibility if you have to pay for the games again.

Make no mistake, I'm glad the option is there, but I still have my PS3, PS2, PSOne, Vita, and PSP. It'll be annoying, but I can still play all of my games.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   365d ago
I'm kind of surprised at how little input lag there is, it almost feels like I'm playing it directly off of my PS3. If it feels this smooth and quick on last gen hardware can you imagine how responsive it'll feel like on the PS4.
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UltimateMaster  +   365d ago
Have you been on the PS on the PS3 and PS4?
The PS4 is much faster.
It can handle a lot more "cache" content.
Probably why they could make remote play work on the PS3.
sonypsnow  +   365d ago
Great on Sony Xperia Z !
morganfell  +   365d ago

Rendering is not done on the PS3 for PS Now. Rendering will not be effected on the PS4 or Vita either so yes, it is possible to have better graphics than those of which the PS4 is capable.
nunley33  +   365d ago
I'm in the beta Darxyde and 5 of the games in it. I can confirm you won't need to rebuy games you already own through this service to stream them. On these game i'm not shown an option to rent but just an option to play. I'm running it at max and the games look graphically identical. pulling up the xmb is fast and send messages is faster than normal without the waiting and load times. There's plenty more things i've noticed that is different that are small but noticable. It works and really delivers on its promise,can't wait for it to release wide.
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morganfell  +   365d ago
Oh look, jealousy rears its ugly head. At least 6 people have no idea how PS Now works. They have no idea the games are not rendered on the local machine. What idiots. Just as likely they are the same clowns that stick their head in the sand every month. Get ready for Thursday and you better have a very deep sandbox.
nunley33  +   365d ago
I know how it works since i have it and it works very well for me,even playing online and it's fighting game in the beta. It's gives the experience of switching to a different ps3 when you launch a ps now game. any messages received are only viewable inside the beta since they never went to my own local ps3. I noticed ps now doesnt support keyboards for typing messages but it's a small thing and i noticed several other things like this. Add me if and see me in it if you need that or add to play,whichever. nunley33 psn - talking to doubters and not to any particular person. Rendering is done on a ps3 system custom made so your actually playing a ps3 when playing a ps now game.
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Prime157  +   365d ago
I just got my beta code on Friday, but am out of town... makes me a sad panda
ProSid  +   365d ago
Dont you mean "sad koala"

I know the feeling man. After playing on ps4 with those zippy load times then going back and playing something like the last of us on ps3... I still have nightmares.
r1sh12  +   365d ago
I have not purchased any of the current consoles (ps4/xbone).
I have to say this is swaying me more and more to the ps4 when I go to buy one in the near future.
There are soo many things right with the ps4 - every reason why its better, is due to lessons learnt from the ps3 and MS royally screwing the console launch.

Anyone with a PS4 will really be cherishing everything they are getting!
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Sithlord-Gamble  +   365d ago
Lol I was just thinking the same thing today & how all that ram did wonders for the PS4 speed.
LazyPumpyVillan   365d ago | Spam
VegasDawg  +   365d ago
To bad fanBOYs don't believe in the power of the cloud.lol.

Sony is investing heavily into the cloud, almost betting everything as of now they have no plans for a PS5.
GamerDad1987  +   365d ago
Anyone know this song?
Summons75  +   365d ago
Load times are awful and they are still avoiding the pricing I see.....glad to see $ony avoiding the issue at hand.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   365d ago
Not surprised. That's on PS3. Hopefully the loading times will be shorter on PS4
Summons75  +   365d ago
maybe but I bet pricing is going to be ridiculous when most gamers own a good amount of the games if they are putting the entire library on there. I know that was beta footage so the list of games wasn't big.
BattleAxe  +   365d ago
It's a streaming service, so the load times are at the source. PS4 will not be any different.
Harmy666  +   365d ago
Loading times have nothing to do with the hardware, in this case. It's all about your internet connection/speed.
Thefreeman012  +   365d ago
Lol I think you are the only person I have ever seen used a $ sign with Sony. Let's be honest they're business practices arnt half as bad as ms. That's half the reason I jumped from 360 to ps4
Summons75  +   365d ago
I seem them as equally greedy but I do support Sony more. Ps4 is the obvious choice over Xbone and i switched from 360 being my main system to ps3. Both companies are being really stupid about the backward compatibility issue
uth11  +   365d ago
All companies want to maximize profits. My problem with MS is they have always been heavy-handed. Instead of giving consumers what they want, they try to force them to take what MS wants. This attitude comes from their Windows monopoly, when they could get away with it, but it carries over to their other ventures and is the cause of all their PR disasters and 180s
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S2Killinit  +   365d ago
"Avoiding the isue at hand"
its a leak genious.
Abriael  +   365d ago
Must be hard to find the "leaked" right at the beginning of that headline.
Summons75  +   365d ago
This maybe a leak but the information about streaming from Sony has been known for OVER A YEAR and they refuse to comment on this. Think before you troll 'genius'
S2Killinit  +   364d ago
Im not trolling, you are, if anything. Im just pointing out that the service isnt even fully released yet and you're demanding that they annouce pricing. Why would they? The service isnt even ready yet.
and yet im the troll right?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   365d ago
Wait, they aren't announcing pricing on something that isn't even in it's final stages yet? Unacceptable!

Patrick_pk44  +   365d ago
PSNOW is still in the area of Beta testing, who knows when it will be released. There is no point of revealing a price right away, since it can change during the course of time when it releases. Stop trying to find a reason to attack Sony, because really, there isn't one at hand. Also, the loading times are on a PS3, what the hell do you expect? Jesus, you are an imbecile.
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Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   365d ago
internet is internet, the console won't affect the loading times significantly.
ocelot07  +   365d ago
The thing is in beta so they most likely haven't finalised pricing yet. Or do you mean individual game? If so would that not be up to publishers? Just like it is now with normal download games?
nunley33  +   365d ago
My initiall load times have been under 20 seconds and feels like i'm playing locally on my own ps3. My resolution is the same as the local version for me since i'm running it at max. If your load and resolution isn't good then it's the net. It works like netflix, it tests your connection then lowers the resolution if needed to run on your net,with that of course longer load times but it wouldnt be too much longer.
GamerDad1987  +   365d ago
Anyone know the name of this song?
kayoss  +   364d ago
35 seconds is awful? Its beats Geico which takes me 15 minutes to save money on car insurance.
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incendy35  +   365d ago
If it works well, I can see services like this killing the rental markets. So much more convenient to rent and "almost instantly" play. Would be nice if it works for new games on next gen consoles too. Be great to rent a game to see if you like it before buying. I don't see it as a solution for BC unless they set up a program where games you already own are free to rent, but as a rental service I think it has a ton of potential.

Questions that need to be answered:
1. How much is the subscription
2. How much bandwidth is required
3. How much does latency play a role
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BG11579  +   365d ago
You also forgot date release.
MonstaTruk  +   365d ago
Those are some valid questions. My biggest one is, how many games will be available, across three generations of PS systems, will be available? I'm not paying a Gamefly/Netflix monthly sub price for a "few" (50 or less) games per system. I need a strong library of games per system, if you want me to eat whatever sub price. Don't screw this opportunity away, SONY...
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uth11  +   365d ago
#2 and 3 are my concerns also.

I understand it's similar to remote desktop technology, and that ALWAYS has lag with screen updates.

Even with a good connection, competing devices can hamper your bandwidth anytime. What if you are in the middle of an intense game and something decides to download a large firmware update?
Cueil  +   365d ago
try OnLive and you'll get a idea of how well your games will run
kayoss  +   364d ago
I one of your concerns was answered a few months back
Sony did mentioned that you need at least a 5mb/s to stream the games with no issues.
for the other concerns i do not know. But i'm assuming it will be a rental service.
incendy35  +   364d ago
That is good to know, but I meant more along total bandwidth to play the games over their course. Many users have bandwidth caps. I don't imagine the bitrates will be super high especially since most older games are low res, but still curious.
XxExacutionerxX  +   365d ago
Ps Now is cool but..

I love the Xbox One, its the greatest system.
Aceman18  +   365d ago
Wow lol
BG11579  +   365d ago
Wow, so much troll.
nope111  +   365d ago
LOL so random.
DarkLord1003  +   365d ago
You're trying way too hard...
ShAkKa  +   365d ago
It IS the greatest.

..size wise...
G20WLY  +   365d ago
I think it weighs more too - yay MS! lol

Looking forward to playing the PlayStation back catalogue on PS4 with DualShock4. Gonna be awesome!
Xavy   365d ago | Trolling | show
M-M  +   365d ago
Comment of the year.
Hairy Chewie  +   365d ago
XxExacutionerxX, is that you Kanye West?
LightDiego  +   365d ago
Soon i want to play Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Croc, Gex, etc.
How i miss some platformer series.
LOGICWINS  +   365d ago
Its a nice service for people who want TRUE backwards compatibility all the way back to the PS1 days. But I don't see this service making Sony an obscene amount of money. It'll be for a niche market of hardcore fans.

It's safe to assume that PS4 owners bought a PS4 primarily to play PS4 games. Yeah, I get that PS Now is supposed to let me load my just purchased PS4 game in 3 minutes or something...but I don't see that being worth a monthly fee for me.

I don't like the idea of having to rely on a stable internet connection just to play my game. I have no problem waiting 40 minutes for my games to download.
ginsunuva  +   365d ago
Do you really not have any system that plays ps1 games?

My android phone from 4 years ago played ps1 games.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   365d ago
The prices are going to ruin this, I can see it now.
Right now I pay £15 a month for unlimited rentals. 3 at a time, keep as long as I like. I cant see PS Now being better value.
The only thing I may be interested in it for is games not available on PS4, but then again I have my PS2 and PS3 for those.
No doubt it will be successful though, and appeal to many. I will appreciate the options this will open up regardless of whether I plan to use it much.
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DeadMansHand  +   365d ago
For me the real value is in the instant gratification. With GameFly, if I rent a game and it sucks I have to mail it back and wait for my next game. 4 days MINIMUM. With streaming, I could have the next game in minutes.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   365d ago
Yeah that's awesome but then it depends if the price can compete with the service I use currently.
WeAreLegion  +   365d ago
I think it's fantastic! I don't mind the loading times. I'd rather have that than input lag. I forget I'm streaming on PS Now. It's so much smoother than OnLive ever was on my crappy connection.
Juangie3  +   365d ago | Well said
I don't why people expect a rental service to be free... At the end of the day there are licensing fees to be paid, server maintenance costs, etc. Its not going to be free and they have to make a profit from it, if one does not like it, then one should not use it. The service is not mandatory, and its a way to access other games without actually hunting for purchasing them.
seedaripper1973  +   365d ago
Bubbles for excellent grammar...oh, and being on point.
SpinalRemains138  +   365d ago
You can't expect the majority of entitled brats to understand reality.

Me me me me me
kingPoS  +   365d ago
PS+ has spoiled many: it's not Sony's fault that some would perceive that Sony's owns them an uber cheap rental rate. And it's not all that bad anyway, nunley33 did mention that the games you've already bought off of PSN are available to stream at no extra cost.

Gateway MT6706 2008
MacTastic  +   365d ago
The loading times for me this weekend have been good. There were a couple of times during game play that my connection got slower and the game lagged. But over all the experience has been fair. It still needs time to be polished though. And I am still very curious as to what the pricing will be.
Predaking77  +   365d ago
PS Now is looking fantastic. Loading times are no problem and they depend on your Internet connection.

With PS Now, the PS4 will triple their game library in an instant.
gamedebater  +   365d ago
Needs better selection but looks great!
ginsunuva  +   365d ago
This selection is for testers numbnuts.

They wouldn't give out all the games to every tester for free.
gamedebater  +   365d ago
oh you know for a fact they will offer a different selection? Or are you just assuming?
mixticius  +   365d ago
anyone know the title of the music ???
paul112  +   365d ago
Its called 'First To Last' part of the YouTube audio library
mixticius  +   365d ago
thks man !!!
DemonChicken  +   365d ago
This streaming has potential, i mean imagine you probably won't need a console if you can stream through a Bravia TV. Say for example you just have a Sony TV, further down the line where the service is more advanced and it lets you stream all games from PSOne to PS4. Or just buy one console lol.
Godmars290  +   365d ago
Not really helping anyone by speeding it up the video to make/hide the loading times.
Abriael  +   365d ago
Only. The loading times aren't sped up. That's the actual speed. I know because I saw multiple other videos of it, and the gauge moves at the right speed.

The speed up of some elements is obviously to put more content in the video without it being 10 minutes long.
Orionsangel  +   365d ago
Bring the SSX franchise and will talk.
Platinum_k  +   365d ago

I thought that was a PS4 already!

PS4 connection and speed will be even faster!

PS4 is the next NETFLIX for gamers!
WitWolfy  +   365d ago
Screw PS now, there I said it!!! My country cant even handle remote play games over the internet so this doesn't interest me in the least.
badboy776  +   365d ago
This all comes down to Price and Games.

Your competing with Redbox & Gamefly.
marcuzgungeze10  +   364d ago
If you could be able to pop in your PS1, PS2 or PS3 in your PS4 and have it register that you own the copy then you can stream without paying for the same game again, this would be a huge win for Sony and backwards compatibility. If the service is cheap enough, also could see it still being worth wild.

That being said, the service really is fluid and works without a hitch for me. I tried downloading Red Dead Redemption over the weekend. After about 3 hours, I still had to install the game. Made going from the PS4 back to the PS3, enough of a next-gen leap for me. Contrast the 5 hour download and install, with the 5 minutes it took to find and stream the game on PS NOW and I can see that this service has huge potential.

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