Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Image Gallery

EasyGuidez: Here we come with latest images from Action Upcoming Game Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, created by Sledgehammer Games (co-designers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), saddles the initial three-year, all cutting edge-improvement cycle in establishment history.

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ape0071540d ago

hopefully they put excellent physics and good body/bullet reaction (like in GE007, Perfect dark, KZ2)

Odrahlag1540d ago

I'm kinda only interested in Spacey xP

MNGamer-N1540d ago

I looked at the images. Who cares ugh. I've had it.

TheGamingArt1540d ago

Can the media just stop talking about COD.... period?

iKenny1540d ago

Show me MP and then we"ll see if anything changed. Until then, NOT INTERESTED!

XtraTrstrL1540d ago

This, and to add to that, show me that the engine is not a piece of sh*t on the PS4, like Ghosts. Screen tearing, frame drops, glitchy screen shaking, horrible all around performance for Ghosts. They have so much they have to improve upon to really impress.

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