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Game of Thrones Characters in the Eyes of GTA Artwork

JunkExplorer: You ever wonder that how game of thrones characters would look like if they are put into some GTa game , well here is the answer. (Culture)

WalterWJR  +   485d ago
Bronn is the best one
e-p-ayeaH  +   485d ago
Second that!
DeadMansHand  +   485d ago
Lol at Theon holding a hotdog.
e-p-ayeaH  +   485d ago
No tywin lannister?

I always imagined the dude with a tuxedo smoking a cigar while holding a furry black cat with vicious yellow eyes
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SageHonor  +   485d ago
Tywin is too cool for that
ninjagoat  +   485d ago
This has been on N4G before -_-
Dee_91  +   485d ago
i can imagine.. these pics are like 2 years old lol
SoCalledMe  +   485d ago
Nice joke with Theon , Pork Sausage !
Flyingdog670  +   485d ago
These pictures aren't based on GTA, their based on what would the characters would look like in the 90's.

For those wanting to see more from the artist who made this, here is their tumblr:
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HammadTheBeast  +   485d ago
This is awesome.
hasj1990  +   485d ago
What has this got to do with gaming? :/
viccrack  +   485d ago
u know gta ? loading screena and art ? u do rite ?
viccrack  +   485d ago
lol snow .
LAWSON72  +   485d ago
Theons made me ROFL.
elhebbo16  +   485d ago
I'll eat every f***'n chicken in this place.
viccrack  +   485d ago
f*** the king lol
Jamiex66  +   484d ago
Yeah this is extremely old. Cool as. But extremely old.

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