Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 164 – Nintendo a ‘no show’ at E3, again - DJ Podcasts

Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "This week on the DJ Podcast we discuss all the latest news including news that Nintendo will once again be a no show at E3, well in person that is. In other news, Sony sees another poor financial year with huge losses, Xbox One set to take off in China and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare continues its tradition of timed DLC exclusivity with Xbox. In this week’s game reviews we take a look at LEGO the Hobbit, Trials Fusion, Batman Arkham Origins DLC and more. So tune in to the DJ Podcast and get your gaming news fix, right here, right now."

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mii-gamer1391d ago

"Nintendo will once again be a no show at E3, well in person that is"

E3 ≠ Press Conference

Ummm E3 is an expo - Nintendo will have a strong presence at the Expo, like every other year. Spreading misinformation makes you look bad.

Please be more informed! Thanks

DaGamingKing1390d ago

There a no show in terms of being on stage in person like MS and Sony. Tune in to the show

bobacdigital1390d ago

I like how every site is pumping headlines by saying no show. When in reality Reggie and Iwata and the crew will by at e3 like they were last year. The Nintendo booth last year was huge LOL.

DaGamingKing1390d ago

Yes they'll be there this year too. But for what? To talk to people on the show floor or to say come and have a quick go at this game? The press conferences are the biggest part of e3 where everything is unveiled. Sure Nintendo will be there, but being on stage, presenting, annoucing and having the world tune in to your conference IMO is far more appealing that what Nintendo did last year and this year. By the same token then, MS and Sony should just hold live streams as well? I sincerely hope not.

Doing it live is tough, compared to pre-recording a message.

bobacdigital1389d ago

MSFT didnt do themselves any favors with their press conference live lol .. Were you there ? Did you see how bad it was? Do you see how robotic every single presenter is?

You realize Nintendo has closed door meetings / Conferences with press and developers while they are at e3 right? Last year they held a private conference with gaming press to let them play and review the games first hand before it hit the show floor.. Also they had developer directs with all the devs from the games at e3...

The stage show is not that big a deal anymore ... For people who dont go to the event it is no different than actually being there .. You are going to see them do a presentation and show off new stuff... For people there they can still view the event at Nokia theater (Which Nintendo rented out the entire event) or at the Nintendo booth in person .. Yes you wont hear fanboys yelling and screaming .. But for the people who dont go to E3 this changes NOTHING.. You are going to see the digital event linked everywhere and n4g is going to link from multiple sites what was said in the direct. Face the facts .. The world isnt the e3 show floor which is mostly comprised of gaming press .. It is the ONLINE audience which is what Nintendo is focusing on. If Nintendos Digital Direct has some heavy hitters and really good announcements you dont think the gaming press will go gangbusters?

Out of the 5 things they listed on their Agenda 4 of them are going to be on the show floor in person... The rest will be coverage running the entire event at e3. How is that

New Smash Brothers Tourney @ Nokia Theater - E3
New Smash Brothers @ Best Buy - Local
Nintendo Digital Event - Online / E3
Nintendo Tree House Events - Online / E3
Nintendo Booth - E3

otherZinc1390d ago

Nintendo should be there.