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Conception II only cares about how cute you think the girls in your harem are; everything else is just fluff.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1451d ago

Umm, yeah, no.
The game's challenge level ramps up around the 5th chapter, and the majority of the heroines have decent stories worth seeing.
Creating perfect Star Children teams and finding all of the different possible classes and team skills also rounds out the experience.
If the game has one major flaw, it's how grindy it gets towards the end, when the enemies start kicking your butt and still aren't giving substantial amount of exp.

Other than that, it's a fantastic rpg.

thehobbyist1451d ago

It also boasts a shallow and confusing battle system.

wonderfulmonkeyman1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Shallow? Depends on what you're comparing it to.
Only if you've got far too little talent in, or experience with, rpg's.