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Child of Light is a masterpiece and should be played by anybody who enjoys JRPGs or RPGs in general. The game is short, sweet and thought invoking.

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devwan1598d ago

Simply the best game I've played in a long time.

Really enjoying the Grandia-like battle system with real-time/action aspects overlayed onto the turn-based combat, feels really well polished, and the difficulty level on Hard is, while it's not really hard, is just challenging enough to prevent it becoming simply a routine walk-through and keeps it worthwhile.

Pug1598d ago

Agreed I switched difficulty to Hard after reading an article that Ubi were going to rename Normal to Casual which made me realise it was going to be too easy. Glad I did, as you say its just hard enough to not make it an X tapping session like some recent RPG's, yeah I'm looking at you FFXIII.

Best game of the year so far for me. Hope it sells really well and some of these other publishes realise there is a good market for traditional JPRG games still in the west.

Clown_Syndr0me1598d ago

Ive seen streams and I have to say it looks aweful.
But reading some of the comments on here has made me really want to try it out. Maybe next week when I get paid, or Ill wait for it to be a PS Plus game. I don't like judging a book by its cover but sometimes I cant help it.

WilliamH1598d ago

It looks incredible, you sir are an idiot.

Lou Ferrigno1598d ago

yea you're definitely an idiot lol..The game is amazing.

Clown_Syndr0me1598d ago

Im an idiot for thinking a boring looking 2D side scroller looks bad?
I didn't say it is bad, it just looks it. Some games aren't very fun to watch but amazing to play.

TM3331598d ago

I played a little of this game over the weekend and was really amazed. Screens don't even do it justice. It's absolutely beautiful to behold and I felt the gameplay was quite enjoyable and reminiscent of a good ole' jrpg.

Fromage1598d ago

Good, not great. Shortness is an issue to be sure, but the main disappointment is the way the story fails to go anywhere interesting.