20 E3 Predictions For June 2014

Otaku Dome:

With E3 making it’s way to gamers once more within the next 6 or so weeks we take a look at 20 possible predictions that may happen:

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R00bot1413d ago

Dat HD Zelda. Can't wait to see it (it's been confirmed for E3 this year), I'd love the style shown here, but I'll be happy to see any art style they want to go with.

As for other rumours, most seem possible, except the Wii U/3DS successors being shown as Nintendo has already said no new hardware.
I doubt GTA V will come to all those platforms, and I don't think there'll be a Wii U version if it does come to all those others.
Kinda don't expect Darksiders 3 will be announced this early, if it is then it'll be a while until it comes out.
Also doubt Last of Us 2 will be announced because Last of Us 1 is only recently getting ported to the PS4

colonel1791413d ago

I have a feeling that both Sony and Microsoft are going to talk more about games we already know, than unannounced games! :(

MrSwankSinatra1413d ago

DmC is not considered Devil May Cry 5.

mike32UK1413d ago

I'd be very surprised if Sony announced release plans for morpheus

nope1111413d ago

Some of these predictions are really out there lol. A sequel to DmC would be the worst thing ever.

Summons751413d ago

Yes and Devil May Cry 5 would be very welcome especially if Platinum Games can get it since Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising left DmC in the dust.

smashman981413d ago

Yes god forbid a critically acclaimed game gets a sequel that would be absolutely unbearable /s

thehobbyist1413d ago

Well, when that game gives a giant middle finger to the fans of the past 4 games and insults them to the point where it'd only be worse if they said "fuck you" to the player. It would be unbearable.

smashman981413d ago

Except it wasn't it was very much a devil may cry game and a great reboot. you want a giant middle finger to fans look no further than capcoms other franchises like mega man and resident evil. However dmc was great and yes it poked fun at the old games once. And yes ninja theory seriously needs better pr but seriously people hate that game for almost no reason. And the only valuable reason I've ever heard was it's not 60 fps but even then it was still extremely playable and extremely fun

incendy351413d ago

I predict there will be lots of hype and release dates very far from now :D

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The story is too old to be commented.