EA: Sithspawn Scum or a New Hope?

HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! May The Fourth Be With You. Frugal Gaming's PridedLlama discusses the future of the Star Wars games in EA's hand and looks back at Star Wars games in a galaxy far far away.

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UglyGeezer1482d ago

Oh man, Star Wars.

I have never understood the fascination. Yes! I loved the films when I was a kid, they're great kids films (well at least a couple of them are).

There are a couple of decent games, but the best ones are the ones without the licence- Mass Effect.

I finds mostly everything else in the crappy universe puerile and aimed at my 7 year old self that was fascinated back then.

PridedLlama1482d ago

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

1482d ago
randomass1711482d ago

@PridedLlama Greatest comeback ever.

karlosmorale1482d ago

Geezer, I can tell you haven't played KOTOR.

UglyGeezer1482d ago

I most certainly have, it was the best.. It's like saying I haven't heard the best One Direction song..... I have :-p

OrangePowerz1482d ago

KotOR, X wing vs Tie Fighter, Pod Racer, Battlefront, Jedi Knight, Rogue Squadron, Empire at War.

That's a couple of decent games to you? All of them are excellent.

LexHazard791482d ago

Great kids films? I must be the oldest biggest kid(@35) in the World then because I love me some Star Wars.

Btw, my favorite Star Wars games were Jedi Outcast 2, KOTOR on the original Xbox and Rogue Squadron on Gamecube. There are some other good ones but those are my favs.

UglyGeezer1482d ago

OK, maybe not just kids. 'Special' people as well.

youndamie1482d ago

The force is not with you

awi59511481d ago

Everything about masseffect is crap compared to the original Knights of the old republic. Bioware is stupid they should have kept their old 5 to 6 powers can que up on each character combat system. You didnt have to worry about stupid AI messing up the game. You could que up 5 actions for a character then move to the next one so you didnt have to worry about them dying all the time. Dragon age should have used the same system as well.

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Activemessiah1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Sithspawn scum

youndamie1482d ago

I read that as sinspawn(from FF X)

Einhert1482d ago

Would not even desecrate the siths name with these vile scum.

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