'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' met with skepticism

The unveiling of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has dominated the gaming media over the weekend with speculations of a new direction along with some doubt that it could save the series.

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stanr1540d ago

Looks like not everyone is getting on the COD bandwagon so fast. Its going to put a lot of pressure on Sledgehammer to not mess up.

joab7771539d ago

U cant blame ppl...not after ghosts! And now that next gen has surfaced, we definitely expect more.

It looks promising but we will see. Competition will be fierce.

stanr1539d ago

Thanks to GTAV, I hope the competition will be fierce.

Matt6661538d ago

This is what needs fixing in COD before I buy it again;

1)Lagg (yes that a big problem when online can mean the difference between a kill or death)
2)Very poor hit detection (at times you can hit some one around a corner)
3)Over the top aim-assist (just look at qs etc and see how over the top it is)
4)Quick scoping (ruins the game) (snipers are meant for long range)
5)No-scoping (ruins the game) (snipers are ment for long range)
6)The knife being the most powerful weapon on the game,( I didn't know getting swiped across the foot can kill you)
7)Small boring maps (time for some new maps)
8)6V6 game modes (time for more players in game modes)
9)There needs to be tanks, (they where in WAW so why not anymore),
10)Stupid perks like commando, unlimited sprint etc, (I didn't know you could sprint for a unlimited time or that you could extend you melee attack)
11) 80% of the weapons would of been in previous COD's (time for some new weapons or least more variety),
12) Still not being able to see your body or legs when looking down (you could see your legs in the first Halo) (and what the point of customization if you can't see it)
13) A new game engine (yes it's time for a new engine)
14) reduce the range you can throw c4 (it might as well be classed as a grenade how far you can throw it at the moment)
15) Dynamic destruction (this would bring a whole new way how COD is played and reduce the number of campers etc)
16) Actually ban the cheaters and hackers (I sick and fed up with cheaters ad hackers ruining the game for everyone else because they have no skill of there own)

incendy351539d ago

I thought that trailer was amazing. The futuristic elements mixed with an evil Kevin Spacey, what is there not to like : ). It looked rather epic! I can see why people are skeptical based on Ghosts, but from what they showed it looks like the game is definitely getting a lot of new gameplay elements. I am excited to play.

Grap1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Meh... like any COD fan care about story mode + don't be that naive in story wise it will be only 6 hours at max + isn't Ghosts written by Oscar's winner? and all praised that it will be going to be sick look what happened. dunno why people make all the fuzz about this trailer. COD trailer always get big praise but after the game comes out u see tons of people complaining about the game and how much it sucks. oh well some people just go with the flow.

And BTW the graphics in the trailer is not that good with this texture and character jaggies(just look at 0:27 it looks ugly) dunno why people call it next gen game.

mcarsehat1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I've bought every cod since number one with story in mind and ghosts was the worst out of them all and the longest out of them all, a bit less than 10 hours for me.

Don't be naive yourself.

Also, name one new gen game without 'jaggies.'

Grap1539d ago

there's a difference between having normal jaggies. and having really ugly jaggies that looks like triangle.
you really suck at cod if you put more than 8 hours at the single player. hell even my brother he is 10 years old finished it in 6 hours.

mcarsehat1536d ago

i was on veteran you poohole

Give_me_head_strong1539d ago

It looks exactly like Ghosts, but with a new futuristic setting. It's got lots of scripted elements, and evrything is nailed to the floor. No interactivity. Not sure why everyone is so fascinated with Kevin Spacey, either...

Immorals1539d ago

I give every CoD a chance, as I really enjoyed them up until mw2. But this one just looks awful, it's an overused plot, the graphics are alright, but if you're going to bring in a top actor like Kevin Spacey, at least make sure your facial animations don't look like a damned furby!

Also, all the nanotechnology etc is just gonna effect the multiplayer. Expect huge imbalances.

trenso11539d ago

Honestly with the way COD has been going if don't have any skepticism then you're already lost. It was the hype trailer of the single player. The part a good portion of COD players don't even finish. At angles you won't even see, I'm not saying it is going to be a bad game but I don't understand how you can be sold on it at this point

Bonerboy1539d ago

I havent touched this series in years. It's lame 'broseph' and hollywood moments been totally played out. I would like to play/enjoy it once more so I hope they dont mess it up, but that's a tall order.

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