6 Upcoming Fighting Games for 2014 and Beyond

JunkExplorer: The fighting genre in video games has slowed down a bit since the decline of arcade games but online play and tournaments regain most interest. Here are the 6 upcoming fighting games for 2014 and beyond, check it out.

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1537d ago
nope1111537d ago

Guilty Gear Xrd is all i need.

DCfan1537d ago

Agreed, its a shame they included smash bros and not GG Xrd.
Imo, P4U is all i need.

Whitefox7891537d ago

Its a shame they included a rerelease of SF4 and not GG Xrd.

3-4-51537d ago

When did SF4 first release ?

What have they added since then ?

How long has it been ?

And this is all they are doing to the game, after all this time ?

Beyond lazy.