New Skyrim Modded Screenshots Show Stunning High-Resolution Textures, Shaders & Details

Skyrim’s modding community has been working hard on improving the game’s visuals by introducing new ENBSeries settings, highly detailed textures, better female models and additional post-processing effects.

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Bill_Willson_CIA1568d ago ShowReplies(3)
FRAKISTAN1568d ago

I hate screenshots because they never show the frame rate, how about a video which shows all this GREATNESS

Infinity_Rasta1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Really show how little you know about pc graphics, do you even have a high end graphics card?(i have a 580 superclocked).
oh and reason why it's not video, cause there is basically no video service that wouldn't totally ruin the details..
oh and this is also a reply to what you wrote in the article site where you call them photoshopped, as i dont have a user in disquis.

liquidhalos1568d ago

You sure do say "Oh" too many times in close proximity.

InfamousBlackGuy1568d ago

A 580 is high-end? Good laugh for tonight; I must be elite as hell.

Eiffel1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

They list the names in the article. A simple Google search brings up channels that have videos and mod sources showcasing this GREATNESS, even image searching one of these screenshots brings you to the ENB thread they got these from. Probably the reason you don't see videos is because they don't do the same justice screenshots would because they're compressed and depending on what recording software you're using can reduce the frame rate giving a false impression.

Stapleface1568d ago

So the frame rate would somehow change the way the game looks? Performance would be terrible at 5 fps, but the graphics would still be as good. Not that this is running at 5fps. I'm willing to bet they are running it with v-sync on locked at 60fps.

LKHGFDSA1568d ago

so aslong as the graphics are good, you don't care if it's running at 5fps?

Stapleface1568d ago

@LKHGFDSA That's not what I said at all. I said frame rate doesn't change the graphics. Notice I said if the frame rate was 5 fps that the performance would be terrible.. Try reading a little better before commenting next time.

AndrewLB1568d ago

A 10 minute video taken of skyrim using nvidia shadowplay @ 1080p, 50mbps, 60fps, h264 is around 5gb in size. That same video after youtube gets done screwing it up is compressed to about 280mb. that's like 1/19th the original quality.

you can't honestly say that doesn't have a HUGE impact on video quality.

tee_bag2421567d ago

I agree but dont forget youtube videos are limited to 30fps. So unless the video feed is from a specialist site you not going to see all the fps anyway

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Studio-YaMi1568d ago

And here we go again,honestly what's the use of adding high-res textures to a low poly character model?

Such wasted potential on an old aged engine.

Having my new rig with a 780TI card,an i7-4960X cpu & a 2560x1440p res monitor,I need something I can look at and enjoy,not re-skinning old models.

-_- ...

Eiffel1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

What's the use? To make the game look better/more immersive of course. Also who says they're low poly? You do know that there are higher poly models available on Nexus right? Body meshes, building meshes, terrain meshes, weapon meshes, et cetera. Who are you to say what these modders do with their free time is wasted potential? Modding has contributed to a lot of people being employed in the industry and the matter of such has never been limited. Not too long ago a nineteen year old was hired by Bungie for his level design work on a Skyrim mod.

starchild1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

That's silly. Geometry is just one relatively small aspect of graphics. When basically every single other area of the graphics is significantly improved--e.g. textures, shaders, lighting, effects--it makes a massive difference.

We're reaching a point of diminishing returns when it comes to geometry anyway. Tripling the number of polygons isn't going to result in a game that looks three times better, for example. Not even close. Objects and character models will have fewer obvious polygon edges and it's worth doing if the hardware can easily do it, but it will be a marginal difference.

Besides, some of the mods do feature higher poly models.

Burnin1567d ago

"Having my new rig with a 780TI card,an i7-4960X cpu & a 2560x1440p res monitor..."

Augh... Just an excuse to post your rig specs

Studio-YaMi1567d ago

I posted my rig out of principle,don't want to be called a console fanboy,besides,there are much better rigs than mine,so what is there to brag about here?

tee_bag2421567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

If you knew anything you would know they use new meshing for all the models. Why dont you put your fancy shop bought PC out the shrink wrap and actually do something with it.
I can tell you that modded skyrim like this will make you want to SLI your lovely rig. Heck you've got a socket 2011 motherboard with a hex core... its a crime not to.

Studio-YaMi1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

"fancy shop bought PC"
My rig was worked on by my friend who built it for me from scratch,I would be a fool not to do that or try and do it myself when I know that I don't have the knowledge possible to do so.

I'm no tech savvy,but I know an old low poly model when I see one,yes new meshes are available,but still most of the time with the skyrim and GTAIV community,it's just re-skinning the vanilla version of the game with the same old models,and that's a waste,that's why I said "waste of potential",I didn't say there work sucks,I said they aren't putting it to proper use.

But hey,who am I to tell someone how to enjoy his free time?

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GentlemenRUs1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

So 3-5fps?

JackOfAllBlades1568d ago

No I play skyrim modded to he'll and back on my i5 3570k and Radeon 7950, and get 45-60fps all the time, usually around 60

OculusRift1568d ago

He talking about with the quality of these bullshots.

LKHGFDSA1568d ago

this isn't gaming, it's jerking over high res dirt and grass.

these textures would look awful ingame next to the standard lower quality ones.

Are_The_MaDNess1568d ago

what makes you think that not ever texture in the game have been remade alot more than once. and alot of the textures look as detailed as this aswell. if you choose the right pack.
dont comment on things you dont know about!

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