WWE Wants Goldberg In WWE 2K15

WWE is keen to put Goldberg in WWE 2K15 as a way to hype his one last match for WrestleMania 31.

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Cra2yey31419d ago

Yay? Make a new engine first...

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1419d ago

Goldberg i still remeber his debut in WCW and most of his matches ther.. loved watching this guy... i know its scripted but he was just an animal when i was a young kid he was the shit

4logpc1419d ago

Goldberg was aweosme because he felt like a Super Hero. He had everything. The look, the power, the image. Its sad WCW killed his momentum so early.

AliTheSnake11419d ago

He sucked at wrestling tho.

4logpc1419d ago

He was in

CaptainCamper1419d ago

I sorta disappeared from the WWE scene for a few years but I have the say, the games now are totally awful in comparison to the older titles.

I played Smackdown VS Raw as hardcore as hell for 2-3 years and loved every minute of it. I played the latest WWE title on PlayStation 3 and it feels practically identical, except with less features and a minimized UI.

Even the abilities have the exact same animation/counter timing. Very disappointing.

txchris891419d ago

I hope sting is in it! Would be cool to switch between all of his costumes

DanaBlack1418d ago

I hope this game has Triple H's shovel or Perry Saturn's mop