Top Character Designers Spent Three Years Creating Pink Golden Peach Satire for Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has done it yet again. They have created an iconic character that will be beloved for years to come. In an interview with Mario Kart 8 director Kosuke Yabuki, Yabuki went into great detail about how they struggled to make a brand new character to make their debut in Mario Kart 8. But once the creative ideas started flowing, something magical was born.

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LKHGFDSA1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Wow I'd love to see all the character mock ups. What's Waluigi 2??

It's funny they came up with Gold Peach when they were doing NSMB2 which features characters in the gold plated design.

EDIT! After looking for source on the quotes I came to realize it's a made up article with false quotes and the humour was lost on me.
I know what it says is a bit silly but I assumed it was lost in translation.

TheHaydenator1565d ago

The Metal characters are a waste of roster space, where is King Boo, Diddy Kong
or Birdo?

Kennytaur1562d ago

Still hoping for DLC to fix this roster. In the meantime, I'll be maining Pink Gold Peach.