Okami, Pac-man, Psychonauts, Shenmue and others listed in 10 worst games list by Chilean newspaper

Oddly enough, the biggest newspaper in Chile has posted what they think are the 10 worst video games of all time and they pick some popular and beloved games among some truly deserving games.

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JohnathanACE1605d ago

April fools was a month ago guys.

mrbojingles1605d ago

Very odd list to say the least. From what I hear, this paper is really big in Chile but doesn't have a great reputation either.

mafiahajeri1605d ago

Shenmue should be listed in the top 10 best games ever.

Milruka1605d ago

And I bet you've never actually played it.

AceBlazer131605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Pacman is awesome, GTFO Chile.

Geobros1605d ago

Pacman in the worst games? What is he smoking??

mafiahajeri1605d ago

Im sure Chile is listed in the top 10 worst names for a country somewhere...

mrbojingles1605d ago

No need to get nationalistic here and take it out on an entire nation mafiahajeri. Besides, the name Chile makes it sound like the country will have great food so it isn't all that bad.

mafiahajeri1605d ago

A joke mrbojingles, calm your self.

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