Advanced Warfare: Will the Review Scores Even Matter?

Considering the massive popularity of the franchise in question, review scores may have little impact on sales.

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GamingAngelGabriel1567d ago

Probably not, although first impressions make me think this will win critics (myself included) back.

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GarrusVakarian1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Why review scores still matter in this day and age is beyond me. We have Yotube, and each platform has livestreaming capabilities, both of which are perfect for forming an opinion of any game and making a judgement on if you deem it worthy of it's asking price....the opinions of other individuals or other collectives should be unnecessary.

corvusmd1567d ago

Yes and no. I don't think it'll matter too much being as many fans will buy it either way...I'm sure pre-orders are already mounting. However, I think it will matter MORE than other recent CODs, being as this is a "new" company taking the lead and it's further into the future...people will have questions and concerns. The reviews will matter a bit to those that have drifted away from might help them decide to come back or not.

admiralvic1567d ago

"Considering the massive popularity of the franchise in question, review scores may have little impact on sales."

Do scores ever really matter? You can look at several critically successful titles (Tearaway, Zero Escape, Rayman Legends, Okami, Bayonetta, Vanquish, etc) and you'll see that many of these games had poor sales despite having an average of 85+ on Metacritic. Likewise, there are several games that didn't get amazing review scores, but sold just fine. In the end, as much as VGRHQ wants to believe / propagate the notion that reviewers / critics can decide the fate of a game, the reality is that their opinions have a very small impact on what people do.

VGRHQCrew1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Nobody is "propogating" anything, besides analysts and publishers, who continue to put a huge emphasis on review scores because - per our recent interview with EEDAR - it almost ALWAYS results in better sales.

There's a reason publishers have incentives for developers related to scores; get a higher average Metascore, get bonuses. Because the game typically sells a lot better. There's a reason former EA boss John Riccitiello constantly said in his interviews that they strive to put out 9+ games. That wasn't for reputation purposes. It was for sales.

All you did is cite a few games in all of history that didn't necessarily rocket to success because of high reviews. But even then, most of them did a million times better than they ever would've had they been panned by critics.

The other reality? Reviews are not entirely "opinions." That's wrong. For more, check our recent interview with DualShockers News Editor Giuseppe Nelva.

admiralvic1566d ago

I'd argue a lot of what you're talking about relates more to the games quality than the score and review scores are being used as a simple metric to define said quality. Like, if John Riccitiello said they strive for "high quality" games, then it would be a lot more vague* than saying "9+". Anyway, we can argue both sides of this all day, but in the end it's one belief vs another. Ultimately I don't believe reviews have a huge impact on sales, since there are countless games that scored 78+ on Metacritic, but didn't do terribly well in terms of sales.

I mean, you mention I cited a few examples, but I can keep going if I had to. Theres still Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, Persona 4 (many people on N4G consider the the best Vita game and a must own with a 93 MC average...), Muramasa, Dragon's Crown, Ninja Gaiden and plenty more. Trust me, I could keep listing titles all day, but the point remains the same. That just because a game is critically successful, doesn't mean it will be commercial successful. But I digress, since this starts to get more conceptual and I rather not argue about concepts / theories all day.

"Reviews are not entirely "opinions." That's wrong."

Where did I say they were? "...the reality is that their opinions have a very small impact on what people do." Thats all I said, though I would argue that your statement is wrong regardless. Ultimately everything boils down to opinion, since "facts" can be interpreted differently and held with different regards. In fact, I have the perfect examples of this.

According to MC, Nintendo Power gave SSFIV (3DS) a score of 90, Dead or Alive Dimensions (3DS) also got a score of 90 and BlazBlue CSII (3DS) only scored 85 points. Now, going off straight up facts, unlike SSFIV and DoA, BlazBlue CSII doesn't support standby (when you close the 3DS, the screen turns off), it doesn't have online, nor does it even support the ****ing thumbstick. Yet regardless of these pretty glaring problems (in my opinion), whomever reviewed it thought the game was an 85. Now, if you can't tell me thats purely opinion, then I don't know what to say.

"For more, check our recent interview with DualShockers News Editor Giuseppe Nelva."

Real creditable source.

* For instance, SCEE says "Get top-rated * games on PS4, PS3 and PSVita at no extra cost" in regards to PlayStation Plus and then defines top-rated as something scoring 70+ on Metacritic.

xYLeinen1566d ago

Should the review score even matter in the first place? Try games and make up your own opinions robots!!

Bigpappy1566d ago

The actual scores hardly ever matter to me. I focus more on what the complains are. If the complaint is the save points are to far and you die too much, I tend to want the game more, if it is a genre that I like to play. This is why the first splinter cell and morrowind were my favorites of those respective series.

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