Why Advanced Warfare Will Have the Best Campaign in CoD History

Based on what we've seen and heard thus far, there's a good chance that this year's new Call of Duty will boast the best narrative we've ever seen.

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ape0071605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

the game do look awesome and very nextgen, im really excited for this game because

1-New Nextgen Engine

2-developement cycle time(most important thing), every CoD team now has 3 years to develop

3- has fresh futuristic elements

I'll give sledgehammer a chance because they only developed MW3 in 10 months

and please get rid of raven, their maps in Mw3 and ghosts totally sucks(especially ghosts), let sledgehammer do the maps please

dazzrazz1605d ago

I don't know where do you people see that next gen engine and graphics. Spaceys character has so little shaders he looks like a clay model. This will be another call of dooky title held back by old consoles just like Ghosts

ape0071605d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

LoL, i don't know what's wrong with u, the trailer looked complete nextgen

hate can blind people u know

they said that sledgehammer will work only on the nextgen version (ps4,X1,Pc) while another studio will develop for ps3/360 and maybe wiiu

we'll get two different versions with different engine

ghosts was a prettier last gen build

spacy's model look amazing, never seen such realistic face model in any game, u can argue that some games have more shaders and stuff but spacy's model looked REAL

Meltic1605d ago

Remember when cod ghost was showed. I was stunned. After i played it i was so dissapointed. Now i feel the same. Im stunned after the trailer but can the gameplay be fun ?

Lawboy21605d ago

I have never played any COD campaign...and I've played all of them...but i will definitely play this one

go sledgehammer....remaining hopeful

Solid_Penguin-641605d ago

I actually enjoy all the cod campaigns, just not Ghosts. So as long as it's nothing like that then I'm all in.

wonderfulmonkeyman1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Let's use my post as a voting platform.

Agree: I follow / care about Call of Duty's campaign/story.
Disagree: I don't follow / care about Call of Duty's campaign/story.

To be honest, I haven't met many people who talk about CoD's campaign anymore, so I'm curious to know how many, at least around here, still actually do.XD

It's all about that multiplayer and how many people you can tick off with the cheapest tricks in the book, these days...XD

Oh, if you agree or disagree for a reason other than the campaign/story, reply so that we know your reasons instead of [just] counting it as a vote about the campaign/story mode.

Chard1605d ago

COD 1, 2, 4, and MW2 all had awesome campaigns.

Ashunderfire861605d ago

World At War, BlackOps 1 and 2 had the best campaigns!

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