Can Mario Kart 8 turn around Wii U sales?

GGG debates whether Mario Kart 8 will boost Wii U sales more than past first party games have and whether it will have a long term effect too.

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admiralvic1606d ago

Must be a slow day over at GGG to resurrect this topic. To put it simply, if Mario Kart 8 can't increase sales, then nothing can. Just looking at the life time sales of Mario Kart Wii, you can see it sold over 3x as much as Brawl, which was in the 10 million range. Combine this with a system bundle, BOGO deal with MK 8, SSBU set to release later this year, several other interesting titles set to release (Bayo 2, X, SMT x FE), surely more surprises at E3 and you see a pretty convincing reason to snag a Wii U this year.

Chrischi19881605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

One game alone cant, but it will certainly help more than any other game coming out soon. Can we now close this topic, we had it over and over again.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1605d ago

have you check Amazon across the world and online retailers. Mario Kart 8 is on the best-selling on most sites.

BattleN1605d ago

The disagree own's an OUYA!

thehobbyist1605d ago

The series sells more than Call of Duty and people are worried about if it'll boost Wii U sales? It's a sad day indeed.

N4g_null1605d ago

You have this and a really nice collection of good games to go with buying this game. It really is a great game to jump into the wiiu with. It's a breath of fresh air from the fps also. Then Bayo and x are coming along with fatal frame and smash. You have gba and possibly 3ds games coming a kid Icuras for the wiiu would get my god of war fix lol. Here is another good point retro, nst, etc etc are all almost finished with their projects. The second wave of production has started. Mario 3d was great but mariokart 8 design was what we wanted for a 3d mario game. Had they been that crazy it would have made its way up to mario 3 possibly. So now we know nintendo can do 3d and almost all of their teams have been tested. The game play is really on point. The engines are sound also. From the looks of their portfolio I think they maybe ready to experiment with gameplay again or make some new ip. Now we just have to hope the account system is almost ready to go and they all get the funding they need. If the account system makes all systems brothers in the same family then suddenly we are looking at almost 10 plus games a year across all systems.

I think the combination of all of this adds some real promise to the wiiu and Nintendo next handheld.

The advertising is supposed to take a huge jump also. The tournament and the best buy thing will be even bigger since you might be playing smash and Mario kart with Bayo possibly. Wouldn't it be a hoot if zelda demo is at best buy!

Then you have all of those indies with 3rd parties readying engines for the wiiu possibly?

It's going to be interesting how the media chooses to play this if the tables turn on them. Their is literally nothing coming out on the other system now that isn't on pc without the limits of consoles.

pcz1605d ago

nothing can save wiiu now.

its like a snowball going downhill rapidly, the extent of the disaster getting larger and larger as it hurtles towards its place in history as the console that nobody cared about.

the dreamcast did badly and even that had games like shenmue that make it a respected console among gamers. wiiu has nothing. and just like the dreamcast, nothing can save it now. even if the wiiu had its own genre defining timeless classic like shenmue was for the dreamcast, people would still ignore the wiiu.

in short, its too late

marloc_x1605d ago

err..the snowball gets bigger and bigger.

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ape0071606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

hopefully, the Wiiu is an amazing system, it's a must buy imo, yeah it's nowhere as big as ps4/X1 but it has games that no one should miss, the console feel special

the people that bought a wiiu know how special it is

i don't know why it's not selling well, i know it lacks 3rd party and stuff but not to this level

i believe the lack of hype combined with negative press is what make it sell that bad

hopefully MK8 and Smash increase sales and give it a good snowball effect, MK wii crowd was phenomenal over 30 million copies sold,

so to all the 30 million plus that bough MK wii, be loyal like any other fanbase(CoD, gta etc...) and go out and buy MK8, MK8 blows MK wii out of the water and mk wii was awesome that's how good MK8 looks

can't imagine a world without a Nintendo console

ape0071606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

double post

Geobros1605d ago

Mario Kart 8 has already 100,000 preorders in USA, an amazing number for a Wii U game.

It will push Wii U sales but not much and not for log time...

ape0071605d ago

i don't know why MK8 is not (looking) to sell as MK wii

some might say they're casual audience, they're not loyal, i understand but they're human beings too

one simply cannot play MK wii and not super excited for MK8, casual or hardcore, young or adult

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

It will be able to sell 15m-25m lifetime. Also keep in mind all 3DS owners knows what coming to Wii U. Majority of them will jump in this summer.

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