EverQuest Next Landmark - Raising the Bar Official Trailer

Watch how Landmark players have dramatically changed the game.

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Tatsuya 727d ago

Has Landmark been announced for PS4? If no, then this shouldn't be tagged as 'PS4' news. Only Next has been announced for PS4, they are separate titles.

porkChop726d ago

No idea why you got so many disagrees, you're right. Landmark is not coming to PS4 and is separate from EverQuest Next.

porkChop726d ago

That's EverQuest Next. EverQuest Next Landmark is a completely different product and is not coming to PS4.

3-4-5727d ago

Ok that trailer was awesome. They really are making this a game for the players.

Rowdius_Maximus726d ago

Hurray SOE seems to be getting a lot right these days.