Feature: Three Things You Must Know About PS4's Evolved FPS Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Push Square: "It’s finally official: Hollywood star Kevin Spacey is swapping his career as a secret celebrity PlayStation Vita marketer for life as a video game villain. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s debut trailer deployed earlier this week, after intel unintentionally leaked ahead of publisher Activision’s planned coming out party. A two-minute trailer – bursting with more fireballs than a Michael Bay movie – confirmed the abovementioned actor’s involvement, while also setting the overarching tone for the sequel that is in production at upstart Sledgehammer Games. With the full reveal still forthcoming, details are admittedly light on the ground – but we’ve spent some time on the frontline in order to bring you this overview of things that you need to know about the fast approaching first-person shooter."

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lifeisgamesok1477d ago

This title almost sounds like the game is a PS4 exclusive but we all know that isn't true

aconnellan1477d ago

Haha for a second I thought it was comparing 'Evolve' with CoD, and that Evolve was a PS4 exclusive. It's just a bit awkwardly worded