USA Pre-Order Chart 04/26/2014

USA Pre-Order Chart 04/26/2014

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Geobros1450d ago

wow!!! mario Kart 8 reached 100,000 preorders in USA....amazing!!! :o

killerluffy1231450d ago

Thats nothing actually ......

Sincere01211450d ago

Its nothing? Wow so whats your success story that makes you more successful than Nintendo to look down at them and say its nothing.

You are the definition of a loser.

thehobbyist1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Umm, considering that's about the same as the last gen pre-orders of Watch Dogs. Which has had TV advertisements and lots of coverage and hype build up.
Not to mention this is VG Charts which is infamous for Overtracking or Undertracking ACTUAL numbers. Usually when it comes to Xbox One sales versus all other consoles. I'd say MK8 actually has 125,000+

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

considering it 5 weeks away from releasing that something. If it becomes 200,000+ next week it will sell over 1m units at launch plus Japan, Europe and Australia sales and Digital. Exceeding 2m Day one. Plus 3DS owners.

Realplaya1450d ago

This chart is under tracking Mario Kart. But it's VGC what do you expect.

WeAreLegion1450d ago

Keep hangin' in there, Prey 2!

darkstar181450d ago

nice to see Bayonetta 2 on the list ^.^ im sure we will see it spike as soon as we get a release date.