Sony San Diego’s Unannounced F2P Game to be Competitive, Include Vehicles; A New ModNation Racers?

New information has appeared about the free to play title in development at Sony San Diego.

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StealthPandemic1541d ago

Don't worry guys, it free to play.

Abash1541d ago

I think it's probably a PS3 game

TomShoe1541d ago

F2P Modnation?

Sounds cool, make it cross play between PS4, PS3, and Vita and I'm sold.

Ittoryu1541d ago

Keep the damn f2p christ

zeuanimals1541d ago

What's wrong with F2P? It's fine as long as the things that can be bought for money aren't going to make someone play better than anyone else, like a car/cart that drives faster and corners better but has no downsides.

If instead what you have the option to pay for is just skins for the car/cart or your driver, then that's fine. It's also fine if you can pay or buy the cars with an in-game currency, and the cars/carts aren't better, they just handle and drive differently. It's all about balance and if the devs achieve balance, F2P is fine.

TheTowelBoy1541d ago

Same with all f2p games, I won't get hyped on any level till I've tried it. Trying it is free so you have nothing to lose.

Kurisu1541d ago

Nothing to lose unless you're a PC gamer living in China. I expect some have lost their homes over bills generated by "free" to play games ;p

BlakHavoc1541d ago

Awesome, still waiting on my most anticipated F2P game of 2014! Where's Planetside?!

MysticStrummer1541d ago

Yes. I watch Planetside 2 videos just about every day, thinking about which classes to prioritize as I level up.

BlakHavoc1541d ago

Seriously though dude, where is this game on PS4? It was delayed till the first Q of 2014, but uh...were well into the 2nd Q. Hopefully we hear something soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.