Review: Super Mario 3D World (gamereivewradio)

In 1981 Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the world to a little Italian man that would change the Nintendo franchise forever! From 1985 to 2014 Super Mario Bros. has been a household and prestige’s name over a few generations. It is a name that people associate with great games, memorable adventures and brave plumbers everywhere. Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U (released 11/18/13) is the newest game to the Nintendo series.

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higgins781570d ago

Simply the best game available this gen across all platforms, fact. Somebody is sure to name a 'better' game available on this gen tech AND previous...void. SM3DW simply wouldn't be possible on previous tech/gen.

deafdani1569d ago

I love SM3DW, but you can't pass an opinion as a fact. If that's the best gane for you, more power to you. It's one of my favorite Wii U games for sure, but for me, The Wonderful 101 is the best game ever made. :)

higgins781568d ago

Hard to disagree. Saying anything negative about 101 would/should be a crime - its a fabulous, innovative and challenging game all packaged in a vibrant, lush exterior, a real bonus for the Wii U.