DLC is Great for Gamers But Are Season Passes?

DLC is such a great way to continue the great work that Software designers have dedicated themselves to for many years.

To see gamers get excited about what they have produced after a long process must be very satisfying.

They then have an opportunity through Downloadable Content to extend the gaming experience they have created.

But there is a very fine line in every part of life where the need to expand is abused, and many gamers see Season Passes in such a light.

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admiralvic1541d ago

How is this unique to season passes? Ultimately, this article seems grounded in the idea that DLC is content the company is withholding, which can be applied to DLC regardless of whether or not you buy it as a bundle. Furthermore, you have to expect companies plan far ahead and have some sort of vague idea what they want to do in the future, so it isn't shocking that they would disclose the information upfront. Even then, just because we know there will be an "All-new single player story where you play as T-Bone, a brilliant but eccentric hacker who lives by his own rules", doesn't mean they have anything more done than deciding they want to do the DLC around said character.

Anyway, my point is just that these problems are not exclusive to season passes, but DLC in general. Regardless of whether or not you like season passes, they ultimately boil down to which thing means more to you. Saving XYZ dollars by getting all the content and possibly getting an exclusive bonus (like a unique item or the DLC early) or possibly paying more money for the DLC that strikes your fancy.

mikeslemonade1541d ago

DLC great for gamers is still debatable. It's still hit or miss in that respect.

admiralvic1541d ago

"DLC great for gamers is still debatable."

Not really. The concept that we can get new / additional content for games we love is always going to be positive*. Sure, DLC can be hit and miss, but this can be said of almost anything.

* Provided the content isn't being withheld.

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joab7771541d ago

Its impossible to know. Initially it was a way for companies to add content post launch, usually multiplayer. Then companies began withholding content to make more money or meet a deadline.

Season passes can be seen as companies planning to withhold content or a company planning on supporting a game afterwards.

Like every other commodity, it depends on quality and quantity and if its worth your money. Irrational gave us two story based dlc that could not have been done in the main story. And if u got the season pass, u saved money. Itvwas great. So, it depends upon what it is. I would caution anyone to be careful unless the company is proven. And ultimately, it is our choice whether we fork over the cash or not. I do know one thing though, season passes do take advantage of hype. The game may be amazing and ppl may have every intention of playing it forever. It may be a 9 or higher and be worth every penny. But, often we buy a season pass and only play 1 dlc.

Irrational offered it as a preorder for Bioshock Infinite. Thats the best best deal in my opinion.

porkChop1541d ago

Season Passes allow you to expand the games you love at a cheaper price compared to buying all the content individually. How is that a bad thing? Not all DLC is stripped from games. Most DLC has its own budget and development entirely separate from the main game.

bigbearsack1541d ago

How about old school.. Give us that content.

MajorGecko1541d ago

i remember when halo 2 first introduced DLC they made he DLC free for everyone after 2 years so everyone could play matching together..those days are gone

admiralvic1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

"they made he DLC free for everyone after 2 years"

It was actually free after a couple of months (like 2 - 6) and interestingly enough, I do recall M$ disclosing this information upfront. So you could essentially pay XYZ dollars to play the DLC early or wait a little bit to get it for free.

"those days are gone"

Believe it or not, those days aren't completely gone. While I don't recall any company outright admitting XYZ DLC will be free down the road, we have had companies give DLC away.

When EA abolished the online pass system, all passes were changed to free.
Konami gave away the two DLC campaigns for Metal Gear Rising.
Sony gave away both flashback DLC packs for Uncharted 3, all the DLC for GoW: A and a few others for a limited time. Those who bought WipEout and or the WipEout Fury DLC got the corresponding WipEout 2048 DLC for free. All the Uncharted 2, Starhawk DLC was free with plus, with some DLC for Killzone, Socom and a number of other games were offered for free at one point. Sony also did some awesome free dlc (like the additional missions in Soul Sacrifice), though I'll stop here before I write a whole paragraph about Sony.
These are just some examples off the top of my head, but trust me, a number of companies have done this. Some have even gone so far as giving away a whole game, like XSeed did with Valhalla Knights 1.

xboxpete1541d ago

All of the above are in my opinion spot on and i love a healthy non confrontational debate.

I reckon that preparing dlc can be both good and bad depending on if it adds to the experience or not

Yes the content might be unavailable at launch and this is a way for companies to get additional funds to make it but in other ways this can be abused

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