The Ultimate Next-Gen Buying Guide

Tax return time! Time to jump into next-gen gaming. You have enough for one system. Which one will you choose?

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Tsar4ever011606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

According to Gamereviewradio, XB1 is rated the console for those who mostly want to play multiplayer SHOOTERS, then again wasn't the x360 was the same?

Most of my x360 games are shooters with the exception of 1 space game, 1 fighterjet game & 2 driver games, all my titles are either FPS or 3rd person shooters. My Ps3 is mostly about everthing else plus FPS.

Any other 360 owners own mostly FPS shooters titles?

LAWSON721606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I played most multiplats on my 360 and other than Halo and Gears I can't think of any big exclusive shooters. I think it was viewed as the shooter console because of the better MP experience it offered over PS3 and of course the biggest games were the shooters I said above.

It has plenty of games that are not shooters, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Halo Wars, Banjo N&B, Forza, Viva Pinata, Kameo, Battleblock Theater (Castle Crashers was exclusive for a long time), splosion Man and Mrs
Splosion man, Alan Wake (PC as well could be a shooter), Witcher 2 (PC, still an amazing RPG not available on any other console). There are probably many more.

PS3 had probably more shooters, Uncharted Trilogy, TLOU, Resistance trilogy, Killzone 2 and 3, Haze (lol), StarHawk and warhawk, MAG, Socom 4. However with all the PS2 rereleases and other exclusive games it has a far superior variety.

randomass1711606d ago

My younger cousin's 360 holds mostly shooters, including every available Call of Duty and Battlefield game lol.

LAWSON721606d ago

Well it has better online features like party chat and the interface for invites and such is just much nicer. If I was on consoles only I would want to play CoD and BF on 360 over PS3

Are_The_MaDNess1606d ago

oooooor just build a PC........sigh

ScottyHoss1606d ago

The graphics are enticing definitely, but sitting at a desk isn't really my forte and I love me some DS4 :) each to his own though

ShowGun9011606d ago

not to mention trying to build a gaming rig for under $399... and if you just want a weak gaming pc, why not get a console?

LAWSON721606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )


Wii U for local or SP exclusive game experiences of you are into and want Nintendo makes. It should be bought by anyone wanting the next big Zelda or whatever Nintendo game floats your boat. With games like Pikman, Wonderful 101, SM3DW, Bayonetta 2, SSB4, and MK8 you can't go wrong.

Xbone for those who have friends exclusive to the platform and like the options. (IMO the voice commands are pretty awesome) No one should want to play games like Destiny alone. As well as are interested in Halo, Quantum Break, Titanfall, Forza and whatever else MS got coming.

PS4 has the best looking multiplats and has a nice price and once again if your friends are on the platform this should be number one choice. It has Infamous, Drive Club, the only MLB game, and The Order. It also will probably have more indies and F2P games (thanks to SOE).

IMO both Xbone and PS4 have a weak exclusive line up for this year (E3 might make a few additions) and the big hitters are MP multiplats games mostly so get the system your friends will be on and if no one you knows plans to upgrade from last gen yet get the system with the exclusive games you want... or even wait. Or the other option build a rig for at least $800 and have the biggest catalogue of games available on one platform that is if PC gaming is tempting to you.

antikbaka1606d ago

Ultimate guide is just like this - buy everything but Xbox one, and think strongly before WiiU. In this case you will have a great choice and diversity.

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