Intel Broadwell Gets Graphic Enhancements - 8th Generation Architecture with 2x MSAA Hardware

The upcoming Broadwell Processors will have much improved onboard graphics with Hardware supported 2x MSAA. Is the time finally here when an iGPU can play a good at decent fps?

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DeadlyFire1480d ago

I Still believe AMD APU GPU dies could wipe the floor with Intels, but it would be nice to see them compared before judging.

codelyoko1480d ago

AMD GPU yes, AMD APU, not so much. Even top of the line Kaveri has trouble keeping up with the Current Intel Iris Pro.

NarooN1479d ago

Iris Pro is only available in SKU's that cost much more than Kaveri's parts, and even then, the only reason Iris Pro performs as well as it does is due to the massive eDRAM on the die. It's not even worth comparing them, it's like comparing Intel HD 4000 to a GTX 760 or something.

Perkel1479d ago

AMD APU mops floor with Intel APUs in games.

In applications Intel is better.

jlo1479d ago

Intel CPU's wipe the floor with AMD's CPU

Nvidia GPU's wipe the floor with AMD's GPU's

AMD's APU's are ok, but overall very weak too. A good cheap option, but not particularly impressive.

NarooN1479d ago

"Nvidia GPU's wipe the floor with AMD's GPU's "

Lolwat? Where were you when the R9 295 x2 "wiped the floor" with the Titan Z, and for half the price? Granted, the price of the R9 295 x2 is ridiculous as well, but Nvidia certainly isn't "wiping the floor" with AMD by any means.

kevnb1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Nvidia and amd gpus are pretty similar in power.

NovusTerminus1479d ago

The only main stumble from AMD is in the R9 290 vs 780 ti.

Similar in power but the 290 is like a jet turbine in heat and sound.

Vegamyster1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )


That's just one comparison and its in a market where its too expensive for most peoples taste anyway. AMD GPU's are great for budget builds although bit coin miners have kinda been screwing that up. Nvidia's cards cost more but they also run cooling and their driver support is much better currently. It all depends on personal preference.

NarooN1479d ago


Even outside of the Enthusiast High-End segment, AMD has a suitable response to pretty much all of Nvidia's GPU's for low, mid, and high-end. They're pretty much on parity, which is how it's been for ages now.

As for which cards run cooler, that heavily depends on which card you get, whether it's a reference design or a custom design from any of the board partners the two companies have. E.g. when Hawaii launched, it was shown that the default reference cooler was pretty garbage. Then once custom cooler designs came out, the card ran much cooler and could easily boost up to it's turbo clocks while still maintaining a good thermal threshold.

AMD's drivers have also improved massively over the past year+ after enough people complained about them. So there's really not much to complain about for both companies.

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elhebbo161479d ago

Yea sure an AMD apu will probably better than an intel for budget gaming, but if you are buying an i5 4670k or an i7 4770k chances are you are also buying a good GPU. CPU wise intel destroys AMD.

LexHazard791479d ago

Yeah, I think its better if you wait to make that statement.

3-4-51479d ago

Intel = CPU

Jonny5isalive1479d ago

all I know is that cheap laptops can play games now because of apus. I got a 400$ laptop that plays diablo 3 great. Even just a few years ago that would be crazy. shit ass netbooks were 200-400$. I got a 17 inch laptop for that in this day and age.

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incendy351479d ago

Wonder when it is coming out, that is very impressive for integrated graphics! Hope the next Surface Pro has that chip.

elhebbo161479d ago

I dont get this, even with intel integrated graphics you can still lower the settings on a game to achieve some MSAA.

Qrphe1479d ago

Discrete GPU market share has been losing ground over the last years and Intel improving their integrated GPUs won't help that

LAWSON721479d ago

I am in the mood to make a new build so I think once Broad well releases it is time for me to start a new build.