Opinion: Microsoft Will Win This Generation

Yep. You read that right. I predict Microsoft will take this generation by storm. However, it comes with a big IF. While they are doing well compared to past generations of console wars, getting outsold as badly as they are by the PS4 cannot bode well for them as we move on in this one. Microsoft has one huge advantage over Sony right now: Financial stability. -- Daniel Hickey

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The_Infected1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

"Microsoft has one huge advantage over Sony right now: Financial stability."

Yea they have all that money and still managed to make a weaker console than Sony. Its not all about the resources its about the talent and minds behind the console.

I do expect Xbox One to get better with Phil Spencer at the helm now but the hardware want get stronger so hopefully they can still manage to provide great looking games despite that factor. We will see at E3.

Mikelarry1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

If all the author thinking falls on they have more finacial stability then They had the money with the first xbox did they win no, same as with the 360. Games with new interesting experiences is what will win this generation not throwing money at everything as yes ms might have alot of it. I am sure they would rather make more than throw it all away to win " the console war"

Also another good example maybe not realating to gaming but just deflating the MS has alot of money arguement so which equals they will win. MS has alot more money than apple did they win with the zune or windows phone.... NOPE

UltimateMaster1266d ago

Basically he's saying that if Sony goes under, Microsoft wins.
So this means, get a new Sony TV from the Sony Store to go with your new console.

georgeenoob1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Sony is in big trouble. When their financial stats are finally posted, we will see just how much in the red they are. Considering the PS4 is selling itself, I don't expect Sony to take ANY risks and start lacking exclusive deals and slow down their first party production. I just don't see them doing otherwise since their in a financial mess.

With Xbox revenue up 45% and MS making 20 BILLION dollars in revenue, and Phil Spencer as head, expect nothing but AAA exclusive deals and announcements in the coming years. There are already several rumors of unannounced X1 AAAs in the works. Can't wait for E3.

If MS was to release bombshells like Titanfall 2-3 times a year exclusively on Xbox One, then they'll win the generation by a margin. We already have games like Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Sunset Overdrive, and Quantum Break schedueled in the near future so they're on the right track.

Maybe Shenmue, Conker, Banjo, Perferct Dark, Crackdown 3 (already teased), or new IPs exclusively for the Xbox One.

mikeslemonade1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

What Mike Larry said is right ^^

They had those resources and were in a better state in previous generations. PS4 has all the advantages this time around. Install base is the #1 indicator to success. It does not matter if your profit margin is higher right now. If you truly believe profit means everything then you may as well be Nintendo. Nintendo's potential on the home console front is considerably smaller because they choose to make money right away which means less exclusives, less multiplat support and a cheaper built system.

Eonjay1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

The very first thing that Microsoft needs to address is the market share deficit which actually places it in third place at this moment and time. The easiest way to do this would be to lower the price. The most dangerous competitor is Sony. We are all expecting Microsoft to do whatever it can to win E3. What makes things so exciting is that we also know that Sony has no intentions of giving up anything. This shall be the greatest show ever.


I think Microsoft has more than that up its sleeve. It will take strategic alliances with third parties to pull this upset off.

welly3001266d ago

Sony have been closing and cutting staff for over 12months, this will have an affect on first party games. This gen no mag, resistance socom. Thats 3 games that I will miss this gen.

CaptainSellers1266d ago


Another ridiculously stupid comment, you must have shared in MS or something, I have never seen such a level of fanboy devotion

What is also funny, you can never counter argue anything due to have one bubble lol

tbone5671266d ago

Can't wait til Sony releases their finances May 14. Gonna be interesting.

ZodTheRipper1266d ago

Just to even think that Microsoft has any chance in "winning" this generation is as delusional as it gets. All signs point to the PS4 for more than a year now while Microsoft hasn't any of the advantages it had last gen.

Without even considering multiplatform superiority, public image and exclusive games it tries to sell an inferior console for a higher price, how could you even dare to question the outcome of this?!

tbone5671266d ago

Yep I agree with the author. Xbox One will win just for the fact that I don't believe Sony will exist in its current form the next few years.

thekhurg1266d ago

The problem with people like the author is. They think just because Microsoft has a bunch of money, it automatically means the xbox entertainment division has access to every penny.

That division isn't profitable. Microsoft isn't going to just throw tons of cash, when they have Windows and their Office business suites that deserve attention since it's their profitable market.

avengers19781266d ago

So MS has all the money in the world to throw away... They cans spend money like crazy. Then why not sell XB1 at 350$ surely that would help them gain serious sales.
The reason they don't is because big investors and the heads of MS don't want to lose money. They don't like seeing there stock prices drop.

Having money and having the willingness to spend it all are to deferent things.

Besides all that money didn't help them win with the Xbox, or the 360, it didn't help them make a more powerful console than the PS4, it doesn't help windows phone, or zune, or bing, or the surface become industry leaders.

1266d ago
redwin1266d ago

@retedforadults, and for that exact reason that you mention is why the Xbox can afford to reinvest all their profits into the gaming, something that Sony can not afford to do. Isn't that what the blog explained ?

QuickdrawMcgraw1266d ago

So if MS has more money the Sony corp.That means the Xbox1 must be better then the PS4...Yea sure that's what it means...And the salivating some here on N4Xbox seem to have with the idea of Sony going out of business is scary...But what can one expect here on N4Xbox...Where the level headed console owners of Nintendo and Sony seem to be vastly out numbered...

Sheikh Yerbouti1266d ago

Ain't worried. The Playstation brand would be swiped up if Sony had to restructure and sell it off. Funny thing, it is probably just as likely that the XBOne will be the last foray for MS in gaming, and it might be sold off as well. It is just not a profitable as other businesses for MS.

sinspirit1266d ago


Yeah, totally! Sony will totally just ditch tons of money making 1st party games in the middle of development! They'll totally pave the road to failure for their biggest and most successful product, which is currently one of their biggest money makers.

How in the red they are? You haven't seen they financial status, and it's clear in your comment you haven't, so what do you mean "how in the red they are"? You don't know that. Cutting things that lose you money doesn't mean you are going bankrupt. It means you are making more money. Microsoft lost billions with 360 and laid off thousands of people a couple years ago. Clearly, they aren't poor.

Too bad Microsoft won't release "bombshells" 2-3 times a year according to all of their past habits.

Seriously, if you are excited for a new Halo and Gears of War as they are now then you aren't even a true fan of those games.

You're the worst comedian, ever.

miyamoto1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Well said.
I believe that this culture inside M$ of " who gets more money faster than the other" is getting in the way of their less than stellar consumer electronics product performance.

Everything is a mess inside the Xbox division. If you have a Don Mattrick leave Xbox One just after unveiling it is just so telling what's going on.

@ Jazz4108

M$ is the "enemy within" of video gaming.
Imagine what would happen to the industry if M$ had their way? Even loyal Xbox fans got offended by it and now ay would they allow such greedy monstrosity to ever happen.

Alsybub1265d ago


You're kidding right?

N4G is one of the most PS4 centric sites I go on.

frostypants1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

@redwin: "for that exact reason that you mention is why the Xbox can afford to reinvest all their profits into the gaming"

But they're NOT GOING TO. THEY NEVER HAVE. Look at the chart again:

Investors (and the CEO) see that and rightfully think that while it may be justifiable to keep it going, pouring more money into it would make little sense. The only reason the Xbox division exists at all is MS's fantasy of leveraging it to take over the living room for general media (hence the confused vision of the One). It's not happening.

Microsoft's future is in Office software and business cloud services.

ShinMaster1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

If a $400 Xbox 360 couldn't beat a $600 PS3 in the end. What makes people think the Xbox One has a chance against the PS4?

The Xbox One doesn't have any of the advantages that the Xbox 360 had over the PS3.
Xbox 360 had everything going for it. It launched a year ahead. Built a bigger install base and developer support. It was much easier to develop for. And it was $100-200 cheaper than the PS3.
And despite all that, not only did PS3 manage to survive, but it sold faster, cutting that initial 9 million gap down to nothing and surpassing 360 at the end.
Why? Because despite the popularity spike of the Xbox brand, PlayStation is still bigger worldwide.

PS4 isn't being held back by any of the previously mentioned issues.

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MightyNoX1267d ago

It bugs me that people think the xbox division has a blank cheque. When your final act as CEO is to beg, yes beg, investors not sell xbox and bing, you know investors don't like Xbox.

NegativeCreep4271266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

EX...ACT...LYYYYY!!! (Exactly)

Thank you for making the point before I could MightyNoX.

MS Fanboys are so stupid to think that the Xbox Division just has some bottomless pit filled with cash and that they can just pick as much from it whenever they want to without any kind of investor or internal disagreements or flak.

"Jump In"...and Live in the real world kids!

OrangePowerz1266d ago

That's the thing if your division doesn't make the shareholders money they want you to sell it no matter how much money the company has. On the other side if your division is doing well they don't want you to sell it because it will lower the stock price even if you company isn't doing that well.

Their first console got destroyed by the PS2 and the second one by the Wii and ended up third despite the mistakes Sony made and a year headstart. As it stands now their third console will likely get second place but only because Nintendo screwed up.

Eonjay1266d ago

I could very easily argue both sides of that. On one hand its obvious that Xbox is still viable because Microsoft has large cash reserves. On the other hand and more to your point, you can argue that investors have very different priorities than consumers. They want profit. The Xbox has never generated positive provits over the life of the division according to Forbes.

Has anyone else ever played Mike's Bikes in college?

Jazz41081266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Actually MS prefers the competition. I believe as MS did with apple in the past, they may lend Sony some money to help them out if it got that dire. Microsoft and Sony are not enemies. Only the fanboys of each company are.

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TheSaint1267d ago

Xbox division has been looked at more than once to be shut down, if PS4 keeps dominating they'll look at it again.

Xbox really need to up their game, they also need to show us the power that the cloud really has. All we've seen so far is empty promises.

Evilsnuggle1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I read some of these article about Sony problems and I'm amazed how someone who doesn't understand business would write a article about Business. Is Sony a good investment maybe maybe not. Is Sony profitable no not at the moment. There is more to business than making a profit. Sony is a worth 72 billion in assets. In business assets are just as important as profit. Sony is in the middle of restructuring. Sony are eliminating products that are not profitable. So they can focusing on the product that are profitable. It's very common for business not to make a profit during a restructuring. This is why Sony 72 billion in assets are important. Sony can borrow money from or on that 72 billion in assets. Apple was in this same position as Sony is today. Sony is in the middle of a turn around with the exploding sells of PS4 and the growth of Sony smartphones. Sony knows that it takes investment to make profits and the PS4 is one if not the best selling products Sony has right now. Sony is not cutting going to cut investment in or sell off their best selling products. No Sony is not going out of business . Sony is no where near Bankruptcy they have 72 billion in assets anyone who says that is a fool.

mediate-this1266d ago

Profit is the only thing important in business, never try and run a business with that mind set. Alot of variables in a well run business, but the bottom line is PROFIT.

If you are a conglomerate and are im the RED paying thousands of employees, building costs, taxes, and you arent making profit, you are going down hard.

Assets is what you acquire after you make money, you in the RED, you start selling off your assets.

Everything goes hand in hand, but profit is the most important part of business.

DVAcme1266d ago

Very well-said. Sony right now is in the process of trimming the fat and getting out of divisions that have hurt their bottom-line, and the PS is NOT one of them. If anything, Sony is more synonymous with the Playstation brand than with any other product in their lineup, and the PS brand also allows them to make profitable deals with many more companies than any other. Sony's restructuring will give fruit in the long run, and the PS is the product that will most benefit from it.

And just to give you a final little tidbit: Sony's current CEO is Kaz Hirai. Kaz is a Sony Computer Entertainment alum under Ken Kutaragi, being heavily involved in Sony's gaming division before they ever became big. Kaz would NEVER allow the Playstation brand to be sold or not receive the attention it deserves.

sinspirit1266d ago

And, even if they went bankrupt they would just be bought out by another company and would still be up and running, probably re-branded.

frankdrebin721265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Pretty sure i read on here yesterday..that Sony make $60 LOSS per PS4.
NOW..$60 x the fabled 7,000,000 console SOLD,..would mean SONYs pride n joy is making a loss of $420,000,000 so far??
Yet the xbox one is avtually making a profit of $28 per xbox.
NOW.$28 x lets say 4 million SOLD to customers,.would mean Microsofts xbox is making a profit of $112,000,000.

Now you tell me whos investors are worried??
And whatever sony fanatics cunjure up,..realise this..the xbox one has a higher attatch rate per game title...this means more have to sell a
LOT of games to start getting out the red,..and infamous ss globally hasnt done well,..i do say globaally as titanfall b4 you spout,.hasnt released in the other countries with xbox one..mmmm even more titanfall being xbox one,360 and pc,..those sales figure,money kching kching kching,..keeps rolling in.
Dont forget your dreaded xbox live .... its raking the pennies in as well.
SO,..IF you had shares in ither company,..would your arse be a twitching or not??
Oh,..and if sony go under,..and its bought over,.lets hope good ol microsoft dont just take the headach away....yes siree,..uhuh.
o what a lovely day,..birds out,..sun shining,..slight breeze in the clear cool air,..yip sure is wonderfull.

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joab7771266d ago

He could have summed this up in one sentence.

In order for Microsoft to win they simply need to do exactly what Sony has already done with the PS4!


DVAcme1266d ago

Microsoft has financial stability, yes, but NOT because of the XBox division. If Microsoft does restructuring, the XBox brand is actually one of the divisions most likely to be closed up or sold to another company. Sony may not be doing that well financially, but because the Playstation brand is so strong, we'd actually see the opposite of MS, Sony closing redundant and underperforming division and focusing more on the PS brand.

So the fact that MS is doing well financially is NOT a good gauge of how well the XBox division is doing.

Magicite1266d ago

bold predictions are bold

showtimefolks1266d ago

they had those resources with original xbox and had the same for xbox360 with an established xbox live service, yet ps3 outsold the xbox360 from day one with a higher price point and caught up to sales/passed xbox 360 with one less year

its not all about the resources, sony still has the world wide studios and they will keep making diverse exclusives. I hope xbox one isn't rtuend into a FPS only machine again, diversity is what gamers want and crave

time will tell but i don't see ps4 slowing down anytime soon, E3 will be a very telling

Godmars2901266d ago

It was a bad day for gaming when Sega was forced out from making consoles because of their own mismanagement while they were in 3rd place, it would be worse if Sony had to close for similar reason as they look good for this gen's #1.

Would also be the absolute worst if MS replaced them, when over all, they've never been any better than Sega. Then again considering their DRM policies, which were only considered and carried to the point they were because MS thought themselves the console industry leader.

josephayal1266d ago

xbox one is a powerful, powerful machine

Mikeyy1265d ago

Pointless comment much?

The PS4 beats the Xbox one in specs. This was established a long time ago.

kwandar1266d ago

If they are going on financial stability, Nintendo should win. Lots of cash, without the distraction of a myriad of business requirements for it.

Azzanation1265d ago

You have no clue. MS have money that's simple knowledge however being financially stable means there in house companies and staff don't get cut etc leading to the best talented workers eg (Black Tusk Studios) Cuts and cancelled projects seems to be happening a lot at Sony

MS and Sony all have budgets to spend on there consoles. MS could have spent twice as much as Sony if they wanted to however MS actually went the cheaper route believing in modifying cheaper hardware chips where as Sony went heavier on hardware costs. Having Money will lead to more exclusives and more timed DLC and games. Sony cant compete with MS's bank balance.

X1 is selling well enough to be competitive to 3rd party companies and if MS REALLY WANTED SOMETHING THEY WILL GET IT BECAUSE MONEY TALKS. Imagine in 5 years time where Sony probably dead, they wont spend billions to keep there games or to get new ones. The video game market isn't a great cash grab, even with high sales numbers there's not much profit to survive off. X1 is more then a Console so MS will support it as a entertainment system rather then just a game console. That means MS will continue to invest.

Mikeyy1265d ago

Then please tell us why Microsofts billions did nothing to help the last two xboxs win?

According to you if things go south, Microsoft can just buy a win. Why hasn't it happend then?

Gamer19821265d ago

Sony had the better talent and minds behind the console last generation as we saw with games like Uncharted and the last of us pushing consoles. Plus experiences like little big planet that could only be found on playstation and I expect the same this generation and with Sony already ahead I really cannot see how MS can come back as they rely too heavy on the FPS market just as they did last generation. They are too single minded looking at the short term fix and not the long goal contrary to what they say. The fact they keep signing that COD deal proves this.

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Majin-vegeta1267d ago

"Microsoft has one huge advantage over Sony right now: Financial stability."

Lol you could have all the money in the world but if people aren't buying your product it's pretty much worthless.

DVS-Zev1267d ago

They had financial stability over Sony last gen too.
Look how that turned out.

ScareFactor1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

But Sony is in HUGE financial trouble right now. If they have to sell off the PlayStation brand they could be in trouble.

Maybe Xbox abandoned the last few years of the Xbox 360 to beef up the studios for their new console that was coming

scott1821267d ago

selling off a loss making product, spinning off the tv business and focusing on profit making sectors and products.... right, it's all doom and gloom, at least that's what some people wish.

joab7771266d ago

What do u do (when u r in financial trouble) with the one part that is succeeding? U invest even more into it. And it isnt just Playstation, SOE is doing well too I believe.

DVAcme1266d ago


The total opposite: the PS brand is Sony's most powerful and recognizable right now. Sony would rather close other divisions and focus on the PS brand than sell it off. That'd be like having a horse carriage with four horses you can't maintain and you selling off your healthiest, hardest working horse to compensate, it's patently stupid.

MS, on the other hand, has for years operated without depending on the XBox brand, and it is still one of the smallest divisions of the company revenue-wise, yet it's probably a budgetary sink right now, not to mention the HUGE PR gaffes they've had in the last year have caused a lot of bad faith. MS is more likely to get rid of the XBox than Sony to get rid of the PS.

OrangePowerz1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )


Business 101: You don't sell parts of the company that perform well and keep the underperforming divisions.

Selling divisions that do well would result in stocks the stock price to go down leading to shareholders loosing money. As we all know shareholders love money and that's why they don't try to get Sony to sell it. Last gen that was different early on with the PS3 bleeding money and not performing that well amd shareholders questioned if it's a good idea to keep that division.

That's the reason why shareholders are a bit pushy to get the Xbox division away. They spent a huge amount of money on R&D, marketing, deals for exclusive content like Titanfall or CoD DLC among other things and now also on their TV shows. I think having all that TV stuff is also an attempt to justify the Xbox division. That way they can say that it's not just for games but vital for them to get into the TV segment and shareholders will look at the money Netflix makes and let them keep the division.

tbone5671266d ago

Sony lost of 95% of their worth last gen. What are you talking about?

Jazz41081266d ago

It turned out well. They took a ton of market share from Sony. Microsoft did exactly what they set out to do. Xbox brand is going into more products at ms and is becoming more important to them everyday. I don't see either MS or Sony getting out of the gaming business but I do understand the article as Sony will not have the resources to invest in the ps4 if they keep bleeding. The layoffs have allready hit there game studios and retail stores and it seems some of the devs are moving ship. Who knows what is going to happen but both consoles are selling and selling at a record pace. I don't see anybody being left out this gen for install base so it comes down to support and features and exclusives in the gaming sector.

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Azzanation1265d ago

People are buying there product.

danjapan71267d ago

Would anyone disagree that the disparity in sales has more to do with the price point than anything else? If so, they could easily take a loss on the console to meet Sony at their price point and have the better product (resolutiongate aside)

Lowsnamebrand1267d ago

i think it has to do with more than just price point. is that the biggest factor? you bet, but its not the end all reasoning. Lots of people moved on from xbox last generation for multiple reason. The RRoD thing swayed quite a few people away from the console, not to mention the abrupt stopping of exclusives within the past couple of years, and then seeing announce 360 games being moved to the xboxone. Those are just a few reasons people wouldn't want to purchase the new xbox.

mediate-this1266d ago

How do you the reasons people left? Cant just poll five of your friends and make up some magic statistic.

OrangePowerz1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )


I know people who had been Xbox only or who used the Xbox mainly and plenty of them jumped the ship because of theor behaviour last year, forgetting the 360 core gamers once they announced Kinect and because of the performance difference for multiplatform games. That doesn't mean the same applies to a lot of people, but it is a possibility.

DLConspiracy1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Are you sure you are not stalking my comments? Haha I have said both the $400 price point, the back end sales with digital and the halo 2 free with gold idea. That tends to be radical thinking to some on here. If not no worries just literally been talking a lot about tactics I think Xbox should take.

With that said I don't agree with the Sony stuff you mentioned 100%. I think they are doing good with the plus service. Not sure what to think about their financial stability just yet, though it is concerning.

DVAcme1266d ago

Disagree. Price point is a big factor, but there's a lot of things going with the PS4 that make it more succesful and attractive than the XB1, including:

-Hardware reliability. Sony has a proven track record of making consoles with a low failure rate. The 360 was a disaster reliability-wise, and there's already been reports of a significant number of XB1s failing. Too many people got burned last gen.

-Varied software. Sony has ALWAYS had more variety genre-wise than MS.

-Proven franchises. Sony also has a much higher number of exclusive franchises that have turned into classics in the industry.

-Playstation Plus. Simply put, PS+ is a MUCH better value for your money than XBL. The Instant Game Collection alone makes it a must-buy over XBL.

-Community. The online community on PSN is much friendlier than XBL's, and it tends to be older as well.

-Brand loyalty. PS owners are much more faithful to their console of choice than XB owners, as proven by the huge exodus to the PS4 this gen. The only company with that much loyalty is Nintendo, and the failure of the Wii-U has seen that loyalty be sorely tested.

mediate-this1266d ago

Proven franchises like what? Sony pumps out first party titles to hope to get a hit. Uc, tlou, gt, they are proven.

GutZ311266d ago

I can agree with almost all your points, but community is one that is very subjective.
The xbl community is great, although you are sure to run into a racist dudebro at some point, so will you on PS+.
The 360 was much better at chat and communication than the PS3, but with the PS4 having such great party chat now, it almost is a reverse in ease of use.

Xbox one has an older community now, as people have grown up on xbox only consoles.
I am 29, started gaming on an Atari, to Nintendo NES, and made my way thru (almost) every console to date.

The winds have shifted in Sonys favor this gen, as they were strong for Nintendo against the Sega Saturn.
It will take a strong (figurative) wind to turn the tide on Sonys sails this time, but time will tell.

GamersHeaven1267d ago

They always had more money than Sony Xbox and 360 proved they have no clue in hell how to spend it.So no that is the reason why they wont win this generation just like the last two.

DarXyde1267d ago

What do Microsoft and Sony have in common that they don't with Nintendo? Gaming is only a part of their business--divisions, if you will. Both can only pull so many resources from their overhead company before it becomes problematic. Even if Microsoft has more, they're not about to take money from Windows and dump it into XBOX.

Yes, the resources are there, but you'd be fooling yourself if you think it's that simple. Sony has a better chance of summoning power from another division than Microsoft does, simply because the PlayStation division is one of their stronger divisions while XBOX is one of Microsoft's worst.

Is it possible? Yes, but if it were that easy, Microsoft would've just moved so much money that they could have bought damn near every exclusive this generation, sans Naughty Dog, Polyphony, and Sony's other in-house studios' games. They are richer. Make no mistake. But if anyone will have access to funds outside of their division, I'm willing to bet it's Sony.