How to update your Xbox One the simplest way possible

GearNuke: "This tutorial will provide a step by step outline on how you can update your Xbox One the simplest way possible."

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DeadRabbits1603d ago ShowReplies(9)
VSVP1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Good article for people who wan't to force the update refresh. But there is a "install system update" button in the may beta. Also just like playstation and xbox 360 they are adding a usb offline update method >

liran1603d ago

When people starting to post tutorials on how to related to a console you know something is completely wrong with the console design \ OS of the console.

Darkstares1603d ago

It's not necessarily the console design. Do you use Windows? It too offers various ways to get updates. Not everyone wants their Xbox One (or other game systems) to be instant on and not everyone has a dedicated online connection.

Tempest3171603d ago

This is true, but to update the ps4, go to settings, hit system update. If I don't want the system to download when in standby its in the options menu as well, why is it necessary for an entire article just to outline how to do this? It seems overly complicated to me.

Darkstares1603d ago

It does make it sound overly complicated. I have mine set to automatic on my PS3 and it tells me but I still have to install it. Sounds kind of the same on the XBox One as long as your in Instant On mode and not Power Mode.

incendy351603d ago

You don't have to say "Xbox Go Home", "Xbox Go To Games and Apps" and choose Power. You just say "Xbox Go To Settings" :D. Or conversely, you can click on the menu button and choose settings if you don't use Kinect.

Also you can force the update now, so no need to make it go to standby to force it. Now you just go to Settings, System, Update Console "it only shows up if there is an update available"