Advanced Warfare: Call of Duty's Loud Cry for Help

Hardcore Gamer: This moment of redemption and revitalization appears less like a blessing and more like an open confession of how nervous the series is toward its much more promising rivals.

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ValKilmer1602d ago

Very well said. This game is just trying to grab onto the futuristic elements that Destiny and Titanfall are trying to cultivate, while at the same time cribbing from practically every Sci-Fi property of the last twenty years.

randomass1711602d ago

Well, CoD is a fairly tacky franchise. :P To me it's like popcorn entertainment. Something you rent, have fun for a day and don't really come back to.

porkChop1602d ago

COD is taking cues from real-world technology that is being developed right now for the future. This is where technology is headed. Which is exactly where Destiny, Titanfall, Elysium, Crysis, etc get all their ideas. All comes from the same place. If COD is ripping anything off, then so is everything else.

Vegamyster1602d ago

The game has been in development for nearly 2 and half years which is before Destiny & Titanfall had gameplay out.

Dirtnapstor1602d ago

How about building upon Starhawk... Really though I see nothing wrong with borrowing ideas, happens all the time. Besides, I doubt "all the sudden" they're copying Destiny & Titanfall.
Looking forward to Destiny... Hoping this round of COD is really good and not lackluster.

mhunterjr1602d ago

I'm pretty sure this game was in development before Destiny and Titan fall showed their hands. Based on COD history, the 'advanced warfare' moniker is a natural progression. They've gone from WW2, to modern combat, and have over stayed their welcome in both time periods. It's only natural that they go near-future.

Thatguy-3101602d ago

Titanfall and Destiny aren't the first games to do futuristic setting you know.

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JsonHenry1602d ago

Ugh.. When does the next Rainbow Six game come out? I want a decent competitive FPS to play.

Deividas1602d ago

Man i was so disappointing to find out its a futuristic shooter ugh

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1602d ago

Yeah right? I mean we all know how Modern FPS games have been saturating the market and we're so not bored of that.
It's nice to deviate. Not like future fps games are anything new but it's a fresh air for this series.

Deividas1602d ago

How is it new for the series? Black Ops 2 did a futuristic thing...

And I would rather have them go back and do a baddass WWII one again or something.

lonewolfjedi1602d ago

some people are actually hyped for this game because of an actor "ACTOR!" since when does one actor make a game good? and wasn't black ops 2 already doing the futuristic thing? I'll wait till the game comes out to hold judgement but I won't fall fir the hype or anything else.

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BeardedPriest1602d ago

I gotta admit. I was surprised and glad to see this... we wanted change and now we got it. But... I have to admit I am not really hyped and probably won't buy because I don't think a futuristic setting and Mercenaries in Exoskeleton suits necessarily mean an end to quickscoping, terrible spawns and stupid maps.

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The story is too old to be commented.