7 Rumored Games We Hope To See At E3 2014

OnlySP: As we move ever-so closer to E3 2014, the speculation has begun on what Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and the third parties will reveal this year. There have also been many surprises at least year’s E3 event, which include the announcements of Kingdom Hearts III, Killer Instinct, Star Wars Battlefront. Here’s what we hope to see at E3 2014.

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ThatKanadianKid1389d ago

I almost forgot about Homefront 2. Hope that one turns out good, really enjoyed the MP and the campaign wasn't toooo shabby. But with Cryengine at the helm, I have high expectations for a good shooter.

Summons751389d ago

Yeah me too. Homefront was great the multiplayer was refreshing and the single was literally Red Dawn but I love that movie both new and original so I don't mind at all.

KidBroSweets21389d ago

I really enjoyed homefront overall. I really liked the mp and it was a nice switch up from CoD when it seemed like all I did was die from a grenade launcher at that time. I beat the single player twice for the trophies on the difficulty settings and three more times during the infamous psn lockdown period. But the reason I beat the sp that many times was because of how unbelievably short the campaign was. I do have some pretty nice expectations for the game and I will likely buy it but I'll be far more invested in plenty of other games that will be coming out.

Magicite1389d ago

R6:Patriots...almost forgot about hat game

PockyKing1389d ago

I'm dying for a new Rainbow 6. Too much fast paced shooters with explosive campaigns. I want some tactical campaign action. Yes, I want tactical mp too (don't kill me single players).

aLiEnViSiToR1389d ago

"single players" rofl say WO_oT xD mean single-player gamers, right ?!

PockyKing1389d ago

Yes haha. I'm the owner of this website, we just call the readers single players, they all know what it means. I'm sure you've seen the articles we post on here that have the title Three Games the Single Players Should Look out for in "MONTH". Maybe we really should add gamers in there haha.

nope1111389d ago

I want to see that rumored Deus Ex game.

PockyKing1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

That's not rumored, they confirmed they working on a next-gen Deus Ex game, and is involved in something called Deus Ex: Universe.

Edit: Nah, Universe is just what their calling it because it's going to be a number of different things like a next-gen game, other mobile games, books etc.

nope1111389d ago

Oh? didn't know, but now i'm worried. "Universe" sounds very MMOish.

BattleReach1389d ago

Mafia III and Just Cause 3 for me :D

PockyKing1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

So many rumored next-gen projects. Now I feel like we missed a bunch of em hahaha. Next time I'll tell my writers to make a top 20 list ;p

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1389d ago

I hope Project Beast is really inspired by Demon's Souls and not dark souls. Demon's Souls was awesome but dark souls just looked boring as hell. I'm hoping it really is Demon's Souls 2. That would make me want a PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.