Dark Souls II GFX Mod - Downsampled 4K Visual Overhaul

From the creator of DSFix, Durante's GeDoSaTo mod turns Dark Souls II into the visually-striking experience it should have always been.

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JackOfAllBlades1418d ago

Agreed, a bit late to the party on GeDoSaTo, but I agree the tool works great

starchild1418d ago

Yeah, it really does improve the visuals in Dark Souls 2.

Vegamyster1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Makes me wonder why FromSoftware didn't hire this guy after the first game.

Grave1418d ago

I just wish they would confirm if this is safe to use of not. I don't want a VAC ban.

Pandamobile1418d ago

VAC ban doesn't ban you for client mods unless they're malicious for other players.

Stenmark1418d ago

The way it is meant to be played...

YoungPlex1418d ago

Give this guy a JOB already FromSoftware! The contrast and color correction is worth it alone, great job!

JsonHenry1418d ago

They could have done all this themselves. They just didn't want/too lazy to do so.

thezeldadoth1418d ago

the series is dropping in quality with each release, and i'm a huge fan of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. The atmosphere and level design are just downgrading.

itisallaboutps1418d ago

I agree. The atmosphere just isn't there in certain areas.

karl1418d ago

i also have to agree.. even though im having a blast with the game...

i was expecting something more fresh.

and they probably couldve give all those options easily just didnt want the pc version to look much better than the console one..

lets hope all those rumors about demon souls 2 are true