The Top 7, 3D TV Compatible Video Games

GamerBolt: "the top 7 video games that are compatible with any 3D TV…"

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colt-of-tipton1539d ago

I think I am in the minority of people who like gaming in 3D , crisis 2 looked really good in 3D even the 360 version, I just hope now the new current gen is here with more power that its inclusion in games is not forgotten.

thejigisup1539d ago

I have a Panasonic p50-st30 its an amazing tv. I love having 3d content to play . This gen should really push the bar with 3d options. Im surprised Wipeout HD didnt make the list that game+3d is amazing

hennessey861538d ago

Yes very surprising it was by far the best 3d title I played last gen

FriedGoat1539d ago

Does anyone use Nvidia 3dTV play? I couldn't go back to console 3d after that.

amnalehu1539d ago

Not a bad list but you have to include Puppeteer. That might just be the best 3D game out there.

WeAreLegion1539d ago

Every single one of those looks good in 3D, but Killzone 3 and Sonic Generations have the best 3D out there.

memots1539d ago

i might have to try Generations thanks for the heads up.

memots1539d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I love 3d gaming. I got playstation monitors in my computer room for my ps3 and ps4, My tv upstair is wired to my pc and its a 3d sharp 60inch.

Whenever i can i play 3d, I really like Gt5 3d driving with the wheel and 3d is a blast. I am disappointed that gt6 still doesn't have 3d enabled even tough they announced it would be upcoming at some point its been freaking what 5 or 6 months now that i am waiting.

Oh yeah one underrated game in 3d is the Zen pinball 2 game. The table looks so real with 3d

kneon1538d ago

GT6 got 3d support in the last update

Pathosverdes31539d ago

Resistance 3 also looked great on my LG LCD.

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The story is too old to be commented.