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Watch_Dogs’ Director Clarifies Next-Gen Exclusive Features, Xbox 360 Installation and More

Watch_Dogs is just a little more than three weeks away, and the game’s Creative Director Jonathan Morin still seems to have a lot of questions to answer. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Dudebro90  +   175d ago
260 degrees with no comments....yea ok n4g.

I hope the Wii u version is good.
dmitrijs88  +   175d ago
another game for x360 with multiple discs, just proves how obsolete dvd is.
TheNotoriousNiceGuy  +   175d ago
Lmao your comment made laugh XD
Everlastingfate  +   175d ago
Why do you disagree? He's absolutely right.
badboy776  +   175d ago
How many Disc how nany extra likes u get :).
Nafon  +   174d ago
It's definitely an old technology.

@TheNotoriousNiceGuy you must have a very good sense of humor, because there was no humor in that comment lol
orakle44  +   174d ago
It's because its a dualshockers article, everything Abrial puts up magically has over 200 degrees.
Lonnie18  +   175d ago
I Love how immersive the city looks in Watchdogs, I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time :)
LAWSON72  +   175d ago
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ramiuk1  +   174d ago
well i go aay on the 16th for a weeks holiday,celebrate my birthday while away and when i get back 2 days later i have watchdogs.
cant wait!!!

33years old and im excited for a game,not as excited as i am for E3 though.
oh well i work 6 days a week so i deserve it.
heisenberguk  +   174d ago
mogwaii  +   174d ago
There are two events for me this month, my birthday and watch dogs: one of them excites me.
D3athc3ll  +   174d ago
Your birthday? :P
ColeMacGrath  +   174d ago
I'm so excited for your birthday too!
mogwaii  +   174d ago
Why thank you. I hear you're getting me the special addition of watch dogs, i'll expect it in the mail ;P
josephayal  +   174d ago
the trailer for current gen version looks like GTA on PS2, and won't they show off the Wii U version?
Giantbomb82  +   174d ago
Over hyped, over marketed modern day Assassins Creed. I'll pass.

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