Infinity Ward and Neversoft To Merge

Infinity Ward, the developer of the popular Call of Duty franchise and Neversoft, famous for their Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero lineup are revealed to merge this year.

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Delsin_Rowe1605d ago

Neversoft nooo!!!!, I need you in Tony Hawk games ;(

hiredhelp1605d ago

Wait call of duty... On skateboards... Hmmmmm
Na seriously dont sell out neversoft.

porkChop1605d ago

They were already confirmed to be another COD studio a year or two ago.

HyperBear1605d ago

So...Infinity Ward's next COD will be Call of Duty: American Wasteland? A free-roaming skateboarding first person shooter??

Cause that would be awesome to play...10x better than Ghosts :D

Baka-akaB1604d ago

they sold out years ago with their mediocre guitar hero titles

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MightyNoX1605d ago

A moment of silence, please. RIP Neversoft.

porkChop1605d ago

Makes sense. Both studios were working on COD games and IW is too incompetent to make AAA games on their own now that all their talent left the studio. Sucks for Neversoft though.

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The story is too old to be commented.