Will Virtual Reality Gaming Be the Next Big Thing, Or Just a Novelty?

GamerBolt: "The real question is – will the emergence of consumer VR become a landmark event or will it just flail and fall by the wayside?"

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AgentSmithPS41477d ago

It will happen, but only when a great headset is combined with great games.

amiga-man1477d ago

To me this is a technology still in it's infancy, over time it will become more and more relevant not just in games but media as a whole,

VR will continue to grow and be very different to what it is today, but as they say from acorns mighty oaks will grow.

AgentSmithPS41477d ago

Yeah, and let them experience it by getting demo units out to stores in the most populated areas (at first). Show them why they should want it and they'll spread the word.

Mega241477d ago

I think it will be just as motion gaming did, came and went without a major splash. But just as your comment, it depends on a game and the device, or else it will flop.

Jazz41081477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Maybe someday but not in this generation. I really expect it to be more of a niche item for the PC market and with consoles just another accessory that will fade like 3D has or currently is doing. Even bluray for movies is falling flat as many production centers are closing runs and scaling back with people either going digital or on demand or staying with the massive dvd library. Even walmart has cut back there selection. So virtual reality will take off in the future when the tech works much better and we have televisions on our walls with very high resolutions. Just to many other things need to happen before this will take off. This will do about as well as google glass and samsung internet watches. It will not Improve gaming enough at this point to be worth bringing it to market and if you do you better be prepared for some decent losses if it does not pan out.

nucky641477d ago

i'm not interested at all.

uth111477d ago

It reminds me of 3D movies/TV. Keeps making a comeback, and it's "for real this time". But each time it proves to just be a fad

BABY-JEDI1477d ago

Will be the next big thing for me. Really think this level of immersion is the way forward for gaming.

mixelon1477d ago

I think it will be both.

It will be the next big thing for a lot of people, but it does have it's inherent limits RE: possible market share, at least for the foreseeable future.

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The story is too old to be commented.