Which Upcoming Virtual Reality Headset Will Offer The Best Gaming Experience?

GamerBolt: "We’re about to look at the three examples which you should keep your eye on."

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Flutterby1477d ago

Exactly , who can not be excited about the possibilities of this tech and even better still the crazy things it can be the catalyst of such as holodeck gaming perhaps in the distant future, I really can't wait.

Gotcha51477d ago

"Hands Down" The Oculus Rift?

medman1477d ago

Does it even matter? I'm hoping both Morpheus and Oculus will be great and deliver the promise of what vr could be, both for gaming and other applications.

1476d ago
Einhert1477d ago

It will be Valves or the rift (depending on facebook) because they will more than likely be open source and open source beats closed off every time.

SniperControl1477d ago

I thought Valve's was AR, not VR?

DemonChicken1477d ago

Agree with this statement

Like to add a point that this also will need to depend on the developers support side of things.

As OR team developed the VR set as their stand alone product so the hardware is their main expertise. So really a free for all, developers will decide themselves if it's worth the extra cost THEY put in themselves to add in OC functionality. As this is with the PC scene it's also a question of whether the return will be worth the addition cost with the numbers of people that will own the OC.

But with Sonys side, they invested in the set so it is likely they will invest in more studios/developers to create games for it and provide additional support/funds for 3rd party studios to add in features for the headset compatibility. So creating an extra need and more player base to actually make the return worthwhile.

Hopefully this made some sense lol, tired.

Einhert1476d ago

It would make sense but then again we dismissed the Sony device so the fanboys attack lol

styferion1477d ago

rift, but it's only a matter of controller for me because I prefer to play first-person on PC

URNightmare1477d ago

So far, according to developers, Sony's VR Headset is ahead of the competition. We will have to see how things turn out to be.

1476d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.