5 Games To Look Forward To In May

IM PLAYIN has released a list of five games that they're looking forward to this month, including Drakengard 3.

"There are a lot of good games coming out this year and I’m sure that, after E3, the list will be even longer. April brought us The Elder Scrolls Online, Dark Souls II, Kinect Sports Rivals and … Goat Simulator … to name just a few. But what do we have to look forward to in May? There aren’t quite as many games coming out this month, but there are still a few worth getting excited about!"

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Dawslbp1604d ago

Hope to see LBP Hub up this month but more importantly a LBP 3 for Ps4 at e3!

porkChop1604d ago

I'm hoping for an open world LBP 3D.

BlakHavoc1604d ago

Love LBP but honestly with how amazing Tearaway is, i'd love to see what MM can do with a new IP on the PS4!

Dawslbp1597d ago

Totally agree! I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for a new LBP, but also this new MM game is going to be very interesting and they've been working on that ps4 title for a while, this amazing studio has something great to show the world!

ReesesPuffs1604d ago

Between Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, and Mario Kart 8 May is gonna be an awesome month to be a gamer no matter what console ( or PC) you play on.

Ol_Boy1604d ago

They shouldve included Mario Kart 8 in that list.

porkChop1604d ago

Yeah MK8 certainly deserves a spot on that list more than Drakengard 3 or Bound By Flame.

NovusTerminus1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Depends on who you ask. And these are just opinions, truthfully Drakengard 3 is tied with Watch_Dogs for this month for me.

But that's because Drakengard has been a favorite of mine for a long time, looking at his list he like action and RPG's. Maybe he doesn't like racing games.

No game "deserves" to be on someone's radar, it is their taste. Not a prerequisite for a valid list.

JohnApocalypse1604d ago

Transistor and Super Time Force look fuckin sick

urwifeminder1604d ago

Nothing for me that can not wait for a sale only things are goat sim and rivals and they need to be cheaper for me.

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