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First NHL 15 News on May 5, 2014

GoodGameBro writes, "This afternoon the official account for the EA SPORTS NHL videogame series Tweeted out a picture of the number “15” and the date “Monday, May 5th, 2014”; obviously a tease for some manner of news regarding the upcoming version of the game due out this September 2014.

Although Madden NFL and FIFA (as well as NBA LIVE and EA SPORTS UFC) were touted with the introduction of the new-generation EA SPORTS IGNITE engine last year at E3, NHL stood apart as the lone major game franchise from the company which would not see a title launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles last fall. Expectations are high this year as the critically-lauded hockey game prepares for its new console debut." (NHL 15, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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HyperBear  +   391d ago
Hopefully...the announcement trailer for this gets leaked tonight or tomorrow morning :D

Can't wait to play me some NHL on my PS4!
Paakaa10  +   391d ago
We should be so lucky for an early video leak!

Of all the sports games, this might be my most anticipated for 2014 just because we haven't seen it on the new consoles yet. Hopefully it's a strong debut!
LoTuZ  +   391d ago
BoriboyShoGUN  +   391d ago
Thank God!! I was really starting to get worried :D NHL-15 on PS4 please!!!
Xandet  +   391d ago
Despite the fact that I bitch and moan about EA unjustly owning a monopoly on many major sports franchises, I always end up picking up the new NHL every year. There just really is no feeling quite like having a buddy send a perfect cross-crease pass through for an easy goal and vice versa. I absolutely cannot wait to see the improvements they've made with "next-gen" hardware, however inevitably minor they end up being.
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mcstorm  +   391d ago
Ive not bought a NHL game for a few years now in fact I think it was the last NK NHL game I got for my 360 but I was excited when I say NHL 14 as it looked like they had finally improved the game but was then gutted to find it was not coming out for the next gen consoles.

Can't wait to see NHL15 on next gen and ill be picking this one up over FIFA too as I'm bored of football.
ifistbrowni  +   391d ago
picking this one up over FIFA too as I'm bored of *soccer** *Fixed*


NHL is by far the best sport game and best sport in real-life. I own XB1 and PS4 with many games but i still elect to play NHL 14 on my 360 most of the time.

Only thing that absolutely bothers me about NHL is HUT. I love playing it, but EA's stinginess is nuts. Crosby, Toews, Stamkos, etc are all so freaking rare. I've played a ton of Hut the past 2 years, spent some money and the best card i got was Hossa and Phaneuf (NHL 14) and Chara and Hall (Nhl 13).

I spent 1.2m pucks in one sitting and only managed to pull a Hossa and Phaneuf on NHL 14. 1,200,000 pucks should get you just about every player (about 200 premium packs, i think). To gain 1,200,000 legitimately takes forever and is darn near impossible.

Hopefully EA re-vamps HUT and make it so players are SOOO rare and other ways to obtain players (via offline/online challenges).
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mcstorm  +   390d ago
Lol its football as it is an English game and that's what we called it. I do agree ice hickey is by far the best sport in the world and the most fun to play. Unfortunately I like in the uk and its all football here and not many ice rinks to play or watch it but I have gone for 2nd best and play inline hockey.

Looking forward to the new NHL game though be nice to see what's been added in for the new gen consoles.
kalkano  +   391d ago
This game has severely needed a presentation overhaul for years. Hopefully, the jump to the next gen is what they've been waiting for.
DefenderOfDoom2  +   391d ago
The gameplay for the NHL series has been fantastic for the last 3 years!! Still playing a lot of this years NHL game !
TyBREAKR  +   391d ago
I cant wait. I wish I kept my PS3 to play nhl 14 since upgrading my system.
knifefight  +   391d ago
Please finally put a hockey game on Vita ;_;

Haven't had a good portable NHL game since 2007.
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BoriboyShoGUN  +   391d ago
not a bad idea sir!
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   391d ago
14 was a very nice improvement (first time in a while), but 15 needs to be a huge one. Similar to what The Show did this year.

And they need to get 100% of NHL players' faces right!!!
SonyKong64  +   391d ago
ZeroX9876  +   391d ago
I didn't get NHL 14 since I was hoping for a real next gen experience and we got more of the same.

Can't wait to try this out! let's hope their focus is on next gen consoles this time.
GeofferyPeterson  +   390d ago
I was just thinking about this today while I watched my Blackhawks kick some Wild ass. Hooray!!! Heck ya @ Highlife! You know what's up!
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Highlife  +   390d ago
He'll yeah GO HAWKS!

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