Is Sony Slapping PS Plus Members in the Face with DriveClub?

Dealspwn writes: Earlier this week, DriveClub's new director Paul Rustchynsky responded to comments about the PS Plus Edition of the game to give readers some much wanted details about the upcoming racing game. When asked how the full-priced retail edition and the PS Plus version would differ he said: "The difference is that you only have 10 cars and you can only race in one country (which gives you access to 5 tracks with 11 distinct variants)."

It wasn't long before disgruntled gamers started to question the rather thin nature of the release, especially seeing as earlier interviews with Sony and Evolution implied that the PS Plus Edition would appear, by most standards, to have content akin to that of a full-sized game and the full-priced version was going to be more of an extras-packed version, something more like the special editions we see ahead of other releases.

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johndoe112111480d ago

Yes and no. As far as a free version goes, it actually has a decent enough amount of content for people to enjoy. The problem is that based on what we were told before, we were given the idea that we would have gotten a lot more content than we are being told now. I think they need to do something about this. People's expectations were set high because they told us to set them high.

ZodTheRipper1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

johndoe11211: "we were given the idea that we would have gotten a lot more content than we are being told now"

Are you sure? What exactly has changed since the following statement one year ago:

"The only difference between the PS Plus edition and the boxed retail is that there's a scaled down version of content..."

"We haven't released specific details about what we're going to refine for the PS Plus Edition yet, but in terms of the gambit of features, you're going to be able to issue challenges, you're going to be able to do asynchronous online races, you're going to have all of the single player content in terms of events. The specifics we haven't gone into yet but you're going to have the full gaming experience."

They also said that they haven't decided all the specifics yet so maybe a few things have changed, but all in all I don't see the problem.

johndoe112111480d ago


Notice the term "a few cars/tracks". A few hints to the fact that most would have been available with the ps+ edition.

Again don't get me wrong, as far as free goes it is a very good deal but you can't ignore the fact that the way that sentence was phrased is in line with what we thought would have been available.

I'm gonna try it on plus because I've been looking forward to this game and I decided from day one to buy the full game if I liked it but I also cannot blame some people for being peeved.

ZodTheRipper1480d ago

So we are basically nitpicking on the wording of an inofficial forum post here? :D
I still think that this is closer to a full game than to a demo, and all that for a completely new IP where a lot of work has been put in. I honestly don't see any reason to complain and I most definately don't see any "slapping in the face" by Sony.

porkChop1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Strangely a very important part of that quote you posted has been edited out. The actual quote is:

"The only difference between the PS Plus edition and the boxed retail is that there's a slightly scaled down version of content..."

"Slightly". The quote sounds completely different when you add that word back in, doesn't it? When you give someone what is likely 10% or less of the full product that is hardly a "slight" difference.

tbone5671479d ago

Sony promised only a few assets would not be available. Looks like Sony lied. Shameful. smh.

nicksetzer11479d ago

The fact they are giving a major portion of one of their biggest games free at launch, I would say .... no. People are so entitled, expect everything for free.

mcstorm1479d ago

This is a bit of a random question but do you need to have ps+ to play driver club?

avengers19781479d ago

@ mcstorm you need PS+ to play online multiplayer on PS4. With few exceptions like free to play games DCU, warframe, Blacklight, cause f2p games really are f2p on PS4

UziSuicide1479d ago

They said in the PS+ version you would be able get the Platinum Trophy, since then in the article above they've said you can't because the tour mode doesn't have all the tracks. Doesn't take a genius to work out that things have changed huh?

Also I wish people would stop calling it a demo, or even a large demo. it's not, it's no more than shareware, just like the games of old where you could play an episode of the game fully functional bar content for free. If they try and put this in as one of the monthly free games it makes a whole joke of PS+

No one would have cared if they had said this from the start, they didn't and over embellished on what you were going to get (enough content to complete the Platinum Trophy). Sony has been making a habit of telling tall stories this gen and I'm getting a bit fed up with it. Be honest, don't go changing things once a person pays for said service based on those promise and if you get caught out have the decency to fess up with a reasonable explanation.

Giul_Xainx1479d ago

I don't see a problem with this at all. All of my friends are the same. Who are the ones trying to bite off more than they can chew here? Honestly if you love drive club that much then SUPPORT YOUR DEVELOPERS BY BUYING THE GAME!

I really want to buy drive club, but I don't know what type of racing game it is going to be. I am very happy that they give you an AWESOME free sample. Plus 11 races to go have fun on. I have nothing but respect for these developers.

vallencer1479d ago

Honestly it just sounds like another case of whiny entitled gamers trying to get more then what was really said. I think the amount they give you for free is completely fine. They have to make money somehow right?

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lelo1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

"Is Sony Slapping PS Plus Members in the Face with DriveClub?"


It seems like Sony is giving away a bit more then a demo of DriveClub to PS+ members.

Until now the 50€ I paid for a year of PS+ on PS4 games has been quite disappointing. 50€ for indie PS4 games... 50€ wasted.

CernaML1479d ago

Would you rather spend $60 on XBL and get nothing on the X1?

nanostar1479d ago

the 50€ also covers the free games on the PS3 and the Vita which sometimes are full games.

there's been so much given off the PS+ in terms of value.

Ginesis1479d ago

@CernaML Personally I dont pay for both PS+ and XBL looking for free anything. When I get Driveclub I'll buy the game not go for the free version. Honestly I wouldn't trust a free version of a racing game, I like racing games so I want full thing.

T21479d ago

Don't hate just because you didn't take advantage of plus on ps3... If you did you would still be switching back and forth and have no worries... It's hilarious when people buy a new console and expect 50 AAA Game the first year

N311V1479d ago


My PS+ subscription ended not long after I got a PS4 and I don't see any reason to renew yet. I was expecting to renew when Driveclub became available but now I see no point, the PS+ edition is just a demo in my eyes.

I worry that glorified demos might become the norm now that PS+ is required to play online. Whereas PS+ used to be about subscribing to what was essentially a game rental service it's now about paying to play online.

Will Sony keep paying publishers a considerable amount of money to make games available to PS+ members if they don't need to?

jjonez181479d ago

I wouldn't call getting access to the game without paying being "slapped in the face", even if it is little more than a demo.

Also you know they offer different skews for a ps+ subscription. 30/90/365 days. Don't plop down 50€ before you know what your getting yourself into. Ps+ for ps3 took a solid year or two before a steady stream of AAA games started dropping.

I have gotten the most out of my subscription because of the total. The games across my ps3/4 as well as multiplayer for my ps4.

s1lentone1479d ago

If DC is a slap then forza5 is a knee to the sack . I've Playing all of forza games and I say 5 is like paying full price for 1/3 a game. Then you have all of the microtransaction to buy cars and other stuff that should already have been there. So it's no not a slap. DC is a big project and ps+ version is a test drive.

killzone6191479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )


forza 5 and titanfall run on dedicated servers thanks to the cloud so i would say $60 for xbox live was worth it.

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ghostface91479d ago

Well its sony what do you expect they always over promise and under deliver

cyclindk1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

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Visiblemarc1479d ago

Yeah, I'm confused as to how anyone can disagree with you on this. The press last year from Sony seemed to indicate, essentially, a full game. They emphasized how the Platinum was possible etc. Now, after a long additional wait (almost a year by the time it launches) it seems like more of a sampling.

I'm not usually hard on Sony (or any company, I pretty much get all the systems) but in this instance, I don't love how this one was handled.

Kaizin5141479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Your problem lies in what you said exactly: "The press last year from Sony seemed to indicate, essentially, a full game." - Sony never told us it was a full game, that was the interpretation of the press. Sadly, the interpretation was incorrect. I do agree it could have been handled better, both from Sony's end and the media's end of things. The press assumed one thing and Sony was saying something else (or at least meaning something else).

Personally, I never got the impression the full version of Driveclub was going to be given to us. To me, it felt like Sony saying: "We are releasing the PS4 and you get a FULL COPY OF GRAN TURISMO FOR FREE!!!". Obviously, this wouldn't happen, Sony is in it to make money like everyone else, if Driveclub is a complete game, expect it to be priced at a complete price, not free for PS+ members.

T21479d ago

This info is exactly what I remember from last year. Exactly. Never once did sony say you were getting full game for free

joab7771479d ago

Is it better that u pay $60 for limited content w/ microtransactions? At least we get some of the game w/ psn+. U cant reasonably expect them to give it all away.

LackTrue4K1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

The people here "bi______" are still going to download the free game/demo off PSN. And if they don't?!?! Then what's there/your problem?!?

Don't download the free game (rolls eyes) if you fell robbed.

If the once free game was then removed, then I would of felt slapped.

Sevir1479d ago

Ive always know that this version was going to be stripped down... ESPECIALLY SINCE THE PS+ version launches DAY and DATE with the full retail version... it's not a typical PS+ game where it comes out 6 months to a year after its been on the market, its not even the case with it being like small indie games like resogun which sell for $14 and can be easily offset by Sony paying the devs for forgoing sales for a month...

This is a full $60 game with a 20+ million dollar budget, People cant expect the game to launch with that kind of a budget on day one and be free... especially now that the game missed the launch season buzz and is delayed 11 months, which almost certainly eats into the initial budget of the game...

This bitching and belly aching over this is silly, This game is essentially just like GT prologue, but you're not paying a dime for it if you have PS+.

10 cars, online and offline play with all the online modes except the full single player suit plus 11 tracks with 3 variations each? upgrades and customizations...

They've always said if you get the PS+ version then upgrading to the full version will cost you around $30/$40 so you'd still be paying less than the cost of entry for the FULL single player experience than those who just jump right in and buy the full game... so please tell me. WHATS the slap to the face to people who have PS+?

Entitled brats is what these moaners are...

and if xbox fans are trolling... please be quiet as Live's GWG program is laughable currently.

UziSuicide1479d ago

If you read the comments on the PS Blog post the official line is that the blu-ray is the best value method to purchase all content, or you can up upgrade the PS+ version.

Sounds a bit in reverse

Gamer19821479d ago

TBF I think this is unfortunately going to be the evolution of PS+ since they now have to get games for 3 platforms and not 2 making it more expensive for Sony we are going to see more large "demo type" games and indies on PS4 rather than full blown games. At least until PS3 games sales die down so we are talking at least 2 more years here.

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771480d ago

It's better than having 1 car and 1 track in the demo, so no! i don't see a problem with having 10 cars and 5 tracks with 11 distinct variants. Anybody have a problem with the PS+ version, is the ones that wants too much out it. Just buy the hard-copy then! leave the PS+ version to ppl that have sense that appreciates it. 10 cars and 5 tracks is more than enough for me to play this version before i buy it. Stfu!

imt5581480d ago

Qoute from article :

Xbox 360 gamers that moved onto a PS4 are probably wondering what the hell all the fuss was about.

WTF? Who wrote this article?

Anyway, 10 cars and 5 tracks are enough for the start for trying a "demo" before buying a full game.

Muerte24941480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I don't know if I'm just old (27) but i remember "DEMOS" only gave you one car and one track (Gran Turismo 5 prologue demo). Here you're getting 10 cars and 5 track ( one region) for free. I don't see why people feel entitled. If you want more, then guess what, BUY THE DAMN GAME AND SUPPORT THE DEVELOPERS. what's the point of releasing a retail version if they just gave you everything via PS+. Evolution would actually lose money for putting it on disc in that case. There seems to be a bunch of whiney, little, spoiled brats early this generation.

You do understand these developers are spending time away from their families. This is time they won't get back. You're not spending any money and there isn't anyone forcing you to download it. (sigh)

imt5581480d ago

Quote :

There seems to be a bunch of whiney, little, spoiled brats early this generation.

Probably author of this article is spoiled brat.

Salooh1479d ago

Don't mind if some of early AAA games are like this but after one year we must get full games ^^ . We are getting a new AAA game in ps+ in it's first day it release so i'm ok with whatever i get ^^. If i liked it i will buy it.

ColeMacGrath1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I guess its because everyone loves the idea of free full games.
PS4 has only been out for almost 7 months, they should be glad they're even getting freebies. WiiU and X1 don't have this.


I don't wanna sound like a douche but Sony actually pays devs for adding their games on PS Plus therefore you're kinda supporting the devs by already paying for your membership.

Muerte24941479d ago


Not if the game flops though. Can anyone say Zipper Inc.

cyclindk1479d ago

Muerte and imt ... You old geezers :D

Mega241479d ago

You and me come from a simpler generation, we didn't get much but we enjoyed every single minute of them, I remember them ps1 demos, that had Tomb Raider, Crash, and Twisted Metal with about 10 trailers of other games, this generation is ruining gaming, with their entitlements, asking for a lot, and don't even want to spend a cent or their parents money (yeah I went there). It's a miracle that sony is even giving free game in its launch window of its new console, I didn't even thought they would give free game, even if they are "Indies", people like the author of this article need to calm themselves down. I prefer to a demo with a digital discount to a f2p with microtransactions.

liquidhalos1479d ago

I think people are upset because until now you have been getting 1 free full game for your PS+ sub on ps4. Now they see it as getting 1 free demo instead of the free game. Also for people without a ps3 or vita its a bit rubbish to only get a demo when those with other systems will be getting a demo plus all the goodness of the ps3 ps+ games.

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HyperBear1480d ago

I honestly think that Evolution Studios should have just stayed with the Motorstorm franchise and develop a brand new one for the PS4 launch, instead of DriveClub. That game was so awesome to play on the PS3 when it launched, and just imagine what a Motorstorm game would look like with all the extra horsepower and memory of the PS4.

Hopefully their next game after DriveClub is Motorstorm!

ZodTheRipper1480d ago

You didn't even try it, what if Driveclub is "so awesome to play" as well? I also want another Motorstorm and I'm almost sure they'll make one eventually but I'm also intersted in Driveclub.

pwnsause_returns1479d ago

its not good for devs to stick with one will tire out eventually.

TLOU gave ND a fresh breath of Air to the studio, the consumer, and the Uncharted Franchise after 3 games.

Philoctetes1480d ago

Anybody who's disappointed with 10 cars / 5 tracks had stupidly unrealistic expectations to begin with. Sony was never going to give you a full, brand-new AAA title for free. Come on.

I'm looking forward to playing this. Depending on how the free stuff turns out, I may buy the full version.

porkChop1480d ago

They aren't stupidly unrealistic expectations. Sony and Evolution originally said the PS+ Edition would only have "slightly" less content. That was the promise they made. No one asked them to, they did that on their own. People were expecting them to deliver on what they promised, and they aren't.

MonsterChef1479d ago

@porkchop those people are stupid to have believed that, when ever I heard about this game at the reveal I knew for a fact that the free version would be a beefed up demo and had no problem with it, I knew I would want to buy it and support the devs and Sony

Lord_Santa1479d ago

How entitled can you be? They're giving you a portion of the game for free and you're complaining about it not being enough. The devs need to make money somehow, they're not about to give away a game they've toiled for years making for free.

liquidhalos1479d ago

It's not being stupidly unrealistic to question value. Why that month can't I have a full free game for my sub? Why does my sub only get me a demo?