Nintendo explains why Kirby is always angry in the US box art

Why is Kirby always angry on US box art? Nintendo explains.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1477d ago

Short version: aggressive character appearances tend to sell better in the states.

I kinda agree, though when it comes to Kirby I don't think it matters what kind of face he pulls; he's still cute and still lethal as F***.XD

ForgottenProphecy1477d ago

I wanna see somebody do a study on if Kirby being aggressive on the cover of the box actually boosts sales in the states. I'd assume it increases the sales, but just by a little bit though.

SilentNegotiator1477d ago

I wanna see a study that shows that US consumers care if the boxart is angry.

admiralvic1477d ago

"I'd assume it increases the sales, but just by a little bit though."

I'd assume it would be no* impact on sales. Like, box art can certainly influence sales, but I don't think anyone would skip out on a game with a character going :D instead of >:D. If anything, the :D face might attract parents to buy it because it looks more wholesome, though this would be a very very very semantic argument.

* By no, I mean I literally believe that the sales for -insert a Kirby game- would be 1:1.

-Foxtrot1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

It's a fat pink blob, are you surprised. I'm usually like that when I get sun burnt.

nope1111477d ago

Looks less cute and more badass.

josephayal1477d ago

Nintendo is serious about attracting hardcore gamers

OhMyGandhi1477d ago

Kirby is known for his cuteness in the US as well. Who the hell buys Kirby expecting an angry inflated blob with a face indicative of a gritty back story?

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